Thursday, August 9, 2007

thanks joan didion.

i finally started reading joan didion's "we tell ourselves stories in order to live," a collection of her non-fiction short stories and novels. i carefully absorbed every perfectly structured detail and even reread some stories i've already read and i feel inspired. didion is an author i aspire to emulate. and now i finally feel like writing short stories and poems again!! i should have picked up one of didion's novels earlier because for the past year i've been in a slump, but now i've got ideas, lots and lots of ideas and i'm starting 7 things at once because i don't want to lose any of these precious details i've created today on the beach. :)

thanks miss didion.

p.s. honorable mention goes to "open city," the spring/summer 2002 edition. seeing what is being published (especially if i think i can do better), gives me hope. no offense to the contributing authors...

but i can't touch joan didion. she is light years above me. i can only hope that through osmosis, my writing will one day reach an iota of her magnitude. oh how amazing it would be to meet her.

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