Wednesday, August 22, 2007

sugar and spice and everything nice...

that's what little girls are made of.

funny story:
rick and i were doing dishes and making dinner when rick saw two little girls from our kitchen window. they were outside their apartment gathering painting supplies.

"we should go paint with them," he said.
the girls had paint up and down their arms and one was holding a shallow cardboard box with a string attached around her neck.
"they're not painting, they're selling stuff," i said.
"No, they're painting," rick reiterated.
"i should know... i was once a little girl."

so rick continues with the dishes and i step into the living room. miss gray lets out a loud "MRRRREOWWW" and the doorbell rings.

"who is it???" i whisper to rick.
rick, not wanting to say who it was since they could see him throught the kitchen window says, "you'll see."

during the .15 seconds i hesitated to open the door, my mind raced. at first i thought it was someone from our apartment complex office. then i imagined it was aldrin stopping by to show off his new miniature golden retriever puppy.

but to my surprise... it was those two little girls. SELLING STUFF. finger paintings and faces painted on cardboard squares. that's why rick didn't want to admit who was at the door. i almost couldn't contain myself.

"would you like to buy some paintings???" the little blonde with the box asked.
"these are crosses and this is God," the other little girl said. "and this one is rock n' roll man. and this this best one... these are flowers..."

i forget what they were calling them, people-somethings, but i bought one for 25 cents although one of the little girls was even "going to make a deal" with me if i bought one of the finger paintings. (it would be 25 cents instead of 35 cents).

here's what i bought:

on the back:

"sorry about the tape," the little girl with the box around her neck said. "it was the best girl one, so that's why it was on display."
"and this is the best guy one," the other little girl chimed in pointing to the other painting attached to the string.

after i paid my quarter, the little blonde girl glanced at her friend with "holy-crap-i-can't-believe-this-is-working/we're-going-to-be-rich" smile. and that made it all worth it.

and as soon as i shut the door, rick got a big "i told you so!!!!"

i had to call my mother to tell her the story. "doesn't rick know about all the crap you used to try to sell???" she asked. (my dad's biker friends used to have to visit my "store" in my treehouse and, of course, feel obligated to buy whatever little trinkets i was pushing. i also used to sell stuff to raise money to save the manatees. and once i made my grandparents pay to join my club where they'd receive homemade arts & crafts every month). i guess it's just one of those things little girls do. i wonder if i could get away with it now. ;)

my grandmother's reply:
good morning jena; I read your blog this morning and remembered visiting your gift shop or treehouse store. i remembered how you would sell me and ed things that we had bought for you. we didn't even get a discount. everything had prices on them and that was it, quite the little business girl when all else failed you would smile and look cute,that clinched the sale for sure.
talk to you later love gram xoxoxoxoxox

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