Thursday, August 16, 2007

showering is overrated.


for the past week, i've actually had reasons not to shower - which is always a plus. i dunno why, but sometimes my best friend and i feel like showering is a chore, especially in the summer.

situations when it's okay not to shower for a few days:

1. when you're at the beach (X)
2. after you've been tattooed (X)
3. when you're camping ( )
4. when you're in college ( )

when we were on vacation, my cousin and his girlfriend would shower before they went to bed, before they went to the beach and after they got back from the beach. in that amount of time, i would shower 0 times. we got there saturday (after not showering), and my mom and didn't shower until late sunday night. our logic: you wake up and just go back to the beach anyway... so why shower before getting all sweaty and sandy??? at the pinnacle of my un-showeredness, i actually washed under my arms with hand soap. outside. with a hose. hahaha!! just thought i'd share. but that is what the beach is all about... nobody cares what you look like. people walk in stores directly from the beach, most of them still in bathing suits. you can get away with wearing short shorts and an unmatching top... anything goes.

funny clip: men vs. women in the shower.

facts that will (hopefully) make you wanna conserve water...

An American family of four uses up to 260 gallons of water in the home per day by:
Tap running for two minutes: 3 – 5 gallons
Flushing toilet once: 5 – 7 gallons
Showering, five minutes: 20 – 35 gallons
Full bathtub: 60 gallons
Automatic dishwasher: 10 – 20 gallons

and if you care more about money than our water supply, here are statistics that may stir your interest and make you want to conserve water too...

Water Conservation provides benefits welcome in every household by saving money three different ways:
1. Water Conservation will lower water bills.
2. Water Conservation in the winter will lower your annual sewer charge.
3. Conservation of water saves you energy costs for heating that water.

what really bothers me are sprinklers that water the sidewalks instead of the lawn. californians (who live in a state with an endangered water supply), should REALLY be more concerned about conserving water.

Did you know that up to 50% of the water used in the summer is for your lawn?
• Water the lawn and garden at dusk when the day is cool, watering during the heat of the day can account for up to 60% evaporation loss.
• Mulch the garden to retain moisture in the soil.
• Use a bucket of suds to wash the car and only rinse with the hose using a nozzle.
• Sweep walks and driveways instead of hosing them.


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