Friday, August 24, 2007

rick and jena quotations

rick and i usually write down funny things we say and stick them in an email draft that's been forming over the past three years. this might fall into that "you had to be there" category, but here are some funny quotations we've jotted down this week:

*after handing miss gray a kidney bean and she refused it*
jena: she just looked at me and said "W.T.F!!"

*after rick gets all touchy over me threatening to add lettuce to his salad, thus ruining his lettuce-to-other-stuff ratio*
jena: ohmygawd, if i was how you just were [being] over my salad, you'd make fun of me.
rick: probably. but that's what makes you better than me.

*after rick (who is lying on the floor) picks up miss gray and puts her on his chest*
rick: jena said you like this gray.
*two seconds later*
rick: ...OWWW!!!!

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