Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my to do list.

yesterday i bought snapdragons and yellow daisies and wound up planting them in flower pots on my balcony at 2:30 am. (not surprising). i ran out of potting soil, so i was't able to finish. i also bought packets of basil, parsley, thyme and cherry tomatoe seeds. can't wait to get those started. i have better luck with cactuses (hate the word cacti), but hopefully i will develop a green thumb. when i was home, my mom bought me weird cactuses called "living stones." i've never seen anything like them... check em out:

and they feel even weirder than they look!!

today my goal is to finally clear off the kitchen table so rick has somewhere to eat his cereal. i have officially taken over every surface in the apartment. the kitchen table is covered with paints and mini picture frames. and rick's computer desk (which i have since claimed as my own) is covered with my papers and calendars. it was funny because rick and i were talking about this yesterday while we were waiting for the doctor to take out his stitches and i mentioned how i took over every surface and he was about to refute and say, "no, the snack trays in the living room don't have anything on them..." (because they usually are don't) but yesterday i had my laptop and a photo printer set up on them. whoops!! hehe, a girl needs her space. ;) my reasoning for leaving everything strewn about is: once something is out of sight, it's out of mind and i never finish it. so i leave it around until i finally finish it. makes sense.

starting this weekend, i want to teach myself adobe flash. that should be challenging. i also want to create some more photoshop illustrations because i have plans for those. :)

tonight is a lunar eclipse!! last night rick and i ran up (aka: dragged ourselves up) the mountain to get a better view of the moon. it looked HUGE looming over the freeway but by the time we got back to our apartment and made it to the top of the mountain, it just looked like your average full moon. hopefully tonight i will be able to get some good shots of the eclipse. the moon shots from last night came out pretty good, expect to see some on flickr in the near future.

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