Friday, August 17, 2007

my mom and i got tattoos.

monday: i went shopping with my grandmother. we went to kohl's and i bought a pair of black leggings. after we ate lunch, we each spent $15 at the dollar store. i found these surprisingly adorable Moroccan-looking frames, a set of pink glass candle holders and a bunch of other junk. a family friend (my former 2nd grade teacher mrs. m), took me, my mom, my grandmother to dinner at a thai restaurant she and her husband recently discovered. the staff was extremely nice and the food was pretty good too.

tuesday: my mom and i got tattoos!! our appointment was at 6 pm and we took FOREVER to finalize what we wanted. my mom (who went to add sommething to a tattoo she already has), wound up getting a really awesome-looking dream catcher and i (who went in to get a libra symbol), wound up with a small heart. the tattoo artist (who did my 311 tattoo... 4 years ago!!) limited my mother to three times to change her design and then told us "you guys are trouble together!!" my mom is going back this week to get another tattoo touched up and i'd love to get another tattoo in the near future, but rick would probably throw a fit. :(

wednesday: my mom and i went shop-shopping. she wound up buying a pair of cowboy boots that look like prop boots (fake) or at least that's what i think. i bought a really awesome lime greenish yellowish dress (on sale for $30) and a pair of black dressy shoes for work. i also bought two more pairs of giant $8 sunglasses. can't have too many of those. i've officially switched over to giant sunglasses. wearing regular-sized sunglasses makes me feel like i still need to squint to keep the sun out of my eyes.

thursday: my friend zac and his gf jess visited. they treated me to dinner at a spanish restaurant. i haven't seen them since... i don't even know when!! maybe last summer. zac and i met in 11th grade algebra class. we used to pass notes. i invited him to a get-together we had at andrea's house on halloween, that was the first time we hung out. and of course i painted his nails and i wound up washing his hair for some reason. hahaha!! andrea and i used to see how many guys would allow us to paint their fingernails and surprisingly, we racked up a decent number. and of course, after their nails were painted, i would take blackmail photos of them. :)

friday (today): my grandmother and i went over my aunt's house. she just got her FOURTH bengal cat. i think she wants to start breeding and showing them. it's a cute kitten and i took a lot of photos of it. my grandmother and i were planning to hang out by the pool all day, but after we ate lunch it started to rain. so i ran out to my grandmother's car to close her windows. riiiight after the door swung shut, i remembered that her car doors lock automatically after you shut a door. and the keys were idlely hanging from the ignition. luckily that's why she always carries a spare key in her purse... but unfortunately her purse was in the car. so i had to call my cousin who was getting ready to leave for work (he works until 3 am). but luckily, he stopped over and got the door open for us. what a good cousin!!

then it STORMED. thunder and lightning and rain and wind. it was pretty bad. i went outside during the storm because roxie had to go to the bathroom and after a LOUD lightning bolt struck, i actually saw SPARKS fly down the side of my house into the ground from the lightning rod wires!! needless to say, roxie and i RAN back to the house. after dinner with mom, lindsay stopped by and we looked at photos and chatted til after midnight. she is planning on visiting me and rick in november. and we are planning on going to las vegas!! :)

and that concludes my week home. now back to the heat, traffic, work, rick and miss gray. <3 (the only one i can really complain about is the traffic, hehe).

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