Wednesday, August 1, 2007

monday to monday.

this week i worked every day except monday.

tuesday: i worked a promo at a gym from 12-7pm. the promo required me to pick up 40 lbs of ice on my way... so i stopped at a grocery store whose shtick is to have the bag boys and girls to ask if you need help carrying your bags to your car. so i asked one of the bag boys where the ice was. i was expecting to get four 10 lbs bags of ice (which is manageable to carry without a cart) but instead, there were only 20 lb bags. i was in a rush, so i didn't bother to get a cart. when i got the ice to the register my arms were freezing cold and red. soooo instead of asking me if i needed help hauling this 40 lb ice berg to my car, the stupid bag boy says, "so... did you find where the ice was?" uhhh, DDDUUUUH. what a lazy ass.

tuesday night: rick and i went to the library and checked out some movies. we watched Love Actually during dinner. ***random fact/memory: the first time i saw that movie was with andrea and tyler when andrea and i flew out to visit tyler in 2004. we made the mistake of visiting during california's infamous "june gloom" and our approval rating for california significantly dropped (temporarily). however, we did have a great time in san diego and at the 311 concert in santa barbara. (where rick was!!) AND we were on TV two nights in a row in brief clips from the pepsi smash concert series... we went to see 311, naturally.***

wednesday: i worked the same promo from 6am-2pm. this time i got a cart when i picked up the ice. rick and i watched Uncle Buck because neither us had ever seen it in its entirety. the plot is predictable but john candy is funny and mccauley culkin is ADORABLE and this was pre-home alone. little culkin definitely used to outshine any actor he shared a scene with. Richie Rich is a classic good time, despite imdb's rating.

thursday: worked for michael making wedding albums. there was no AC in the studio and it was pretty toasty... and of course i was wearing capris, socks and shoes and a tank top under a tee shirt because usually i am cold in there. i finished what i had to do, then i stuck around to help brandon finish up some portfolio albums. rick and i met up with rick's friend mike and jessica (mike's wife) at the cheesecake factory (Mmm!!!) and they treated us to dinner. we also hung around the mac store while mike was deciding which desktop he's going to buy. and naturally we took loads of silly mac photobooth photos. i got some plans when i get my hands on that program. :)

friday: worked for michael making wedding albums. dave and michael (the owners) weren't there, so i closed myself in their office with a fan and blasted some fiona apple. funny moment of the day: at one point brandon came into the office and asked...

brandon: want to do me a favor??
me: ooook... what is it??
brandon: wait, what time is it??
me: (without missing a beat) why, do you want me to wake you up???
brandon: *dumbfounded* yeah!! how did you know?!!

hahaha. so he took a nap in the little comfy conference room where couples review their wedding photos/albums.

saturday: worked a promo 10am-5pm. went to rick's parents' house during my lunch break. then (after sitting in much traffic), rick and i met up with tyler in santa monica!! (i hadn't seen tyler since... august 2005?!! damn). it was good to finally see him again. we hung around the promenade and had dinner. while we were waiting for our name to be seated, tyler and i ran to the mac store and took some silly photos together. we had LOTS of catching up to do. it took us 6 months of me living in cali to finally get together (he lives about 2.5 hours away) but now that we've finally met up, hopefully we will hang out more often.

sunday: assisted michael/was 2nd shooter at a jewish wedding in beverly hills. i met michael's brother (who is a videographer) and his assistant. there was TONS of food at the wedding. i ate sushi and strawberries (from the reception) and they fed us the good stuff (choice of steak or halibut). on our way home, i had an insightful conversation with michael. ***fact: michael bought his first house at age 18, his second at 21 and a plane before he even knew how to fly it*** we didn't get home until 12-12:30 am.

monday: met up with dave to return his portfolio books. he bought me lunch and we chatted about kids, life, work and mtv's "my super sweet sixteen." hopefully he'll have some good gigs lined up when i return to california. he's definitely my favorite person to work for and his help and confidence in me has been invaluable.

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