Thursday, August 9, 2007

i'm sunburnt.

(and refusing to say "sunburned" because "sunburnt" sounds better).

yesterday my mother and i went to a used book store and got some new reading material for the beach. an interesting book surely beats the typical mindless magazine with articles you've already read a thousand different ways. so my mother got "i bury my heart at wounded knee," "in the spirit of crazy horse" and an anne sexton biography. i got "valley of the dolls" (i wanna read it before i see it because i heard the movie is awful), "this n' that" (bette davis's autobiography), "open city" (a collection of short stories and poems) and a book for andrea (i won't say what it is in case she reads this). my grand total: $12. i got a $1 discount because the sides of the pages of "valley of the dolls" appear to have reddish makeup splattered on them. (it's not blood, because blood dries brownish, the store owner informed me).

last night my mother and i were walking on the boardwalk and i heard my name. i turned around and it was robbie, a guy i went to middle school and high school with!! i see him all the time because he's a manager at a local food store (he's also a postman). and he's also gotten to know my grandmother since she goes grocery shopping on a daily basis, hehe. it's just funny to see someone you know when you are on vacation, but i should have figured i would see at least one person i know on the boardwalk.

today we stayed at the beach alllll day and went in the water for a long time. the waves were really rough and they seemed to be right after each other (and we were pretty far from the shore!!) at one point a wave crashed down on us and churned up so much sand that we got as sandy as we would have had we rolled in it. i fell asleep on my back with my knees bent for who knows how long so now i have sunburnt thighs, stomach, and chest. ye-ouch!! my cousin left behind some aloe vera gel, but i'm convinced that stuff contains some sort of pseudo-alcohol because it burnssss. tip: non-scented lotion works better. and if it's the coolness of the aloe you like, just put the lotion in the fridge.

tonight my mother and i ate at a little seafood restaurant then we went back to the boardwalk. my mother bought a pair of shorts and i went into a head shop to find some morrissey paraphernalia (patches, stickers and/or buttons) for missy, but no luck. :( they didn't have any good foo fighter stuff and they only had one 311 patch. the only blondie thing they had was a scratched up key chain that i scored for 50 cents. (the other key chains were $4 and this one was in the $1 basket because it had scratches on it). for 50 cents, i couldn't complain. this is the graphic on it.


moe "simon metz" berg said...

in the fight between "t" and "ed", i'll go with "t" every single time. just sounds classier.

jena ardell said...

good, glad i'm not the only one. i also always opt for "cactuses" instead of the proper "cacti." there are a lot of words that sound better in improper english.