Wednesday, August 29, 2007

foo is all around you.

i love it when this happens...

wednesday: i met up with james lemmo, a product photographer who i worked with for an apparel shoot. i brought along my "there is nothing left to lose" cd (my favorite foo fighters album), but first i turned on the radio. naturally, KROQ was full of commercials... but i decided to wade them out just to see if the next song was worth the wait. and guess what song came on... foo fighters - "everlong" (acoustic!!) Mmmm!!!! so after i listened to it, i popped in my foo cd. i listened to 1/4 of the album before my stereo started acting up (as it always does) and i had to turn back on the radio. and guess what "rock block" (two back-to-back songs from the same artist) was playing on KROQ... foo fighters "one by one" and their NEW single "the pretender."

i met up with james. he installed a program he needs for tomorrow's shoot onto my laptop. i was only there for an hour and when i got back into my car it was sooo hot i couldn't even hold the button long enough to roll down my windows all the way because the button was burning my finger!! i had to stop halfway and shake my hand to cool it off. the steering wheel was just as hot. :( now those foldable sun visors are my new best friends. i stopped at the dollar store and bought some AWESOME necklaces you won't believe came from the dollar store. then i went into a TWO-STORY walmart(!) and bought potting soil and cat food. i got back into the car, turned on the radio, started driving, and guess what song was playing... foo fighters - "my hero." my goodness... FOO IS ALLLLL AROUND YOU!!!! i felt like a little kid in a lego store. :)

i guess the foos are getting even more air time now that they have a new album coming out. (can't wait for that!!) listen to "The Pretender," the first single and video from their upcoming album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, in-stores the day after my birthday (sept. 25).

on my way home, i was a very courteous driver. instead of taking off at the green light, i let some idiot lady (who was waiting on the median) go around me. i also let a guy who was trying to pull out of a gas station get in front of me. i try to be a courteous driver because i believe in karma. ALSO i have out-of-state plates and i want to represent my home state and let californians know that new jerseyans are better drivers than them.

when i got back to the apartment, rick made dinner while i finished planting my yellow daisies and snapdragons. our balcony looks really nice now with all of the new plants. :) rick and i ate dinner outside then we headed to the studio where i pulled an all-nighter, designing a wedding album from 8:15 pm til 2:45 am. eeeek!! i felt like i was in college again, hehe. but at least it is finished. after 10:30 pm, rick took a nap in the big comfy couch room. i'm glad he went along with me. i uploaded a sarah mclachlan cd on one of the computers in the office. that's my new schtick - importing random cds on everybody's computers so that A) i have something decent to listen to while i am working. B) so they all wonder how the hell those songs got on their computers.

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