Monday, August 20, 2007

check the tech, 311 in LA.

311 in irvine 08.19.07.

rick and i went to the 311 show in irvine... my 18th 311 show!! our friend cory (who i met at a 311 show in 2004), was there as well as a handful of familiar faces. i took along the digital rebel camera my friend hal has graciously been letting me borrow for an extended amount of time. i wasn't sure if i was going to bother to bring the camera in the show but the tickets didn't say "NO CAMERAS ALLOWED" and i knew i'd be kicking myself in the ass if i didn't take the camera so i called cory who was approaching the entrance of the venue to inquire about the camera situation. he told me that digital cameras were allowed as long as they didn't have a detachable lens. which, of course, the rebel has. :(

so i bring the camera. we get the entrance and i gravitate away from a mean-looking security lady's line toward a guy who seems to not be giving anyone a problem. the guy checks my bag and asks me to take out the camera. the conversation went like this:

GUY: *sees the large ass camera*
ohhh man... does this lens come off???

ME: *"twists" the lens without pushing the button in*

GUY: oh good, that just saved you a trip [back to your car] because my manager is standing right there.

apparently they're afraid someone is going to throw their $300+ detachable lens into the crowd or at 311. who does that?!?!

the guy proceeds to ask for the cap from our bottle of water because that too can be a projectile. (why not throw the whole bottle?!!) really didn't make sense.

so we make our way toward the TINY, intimate pit (which i had bought tickets for well in advance through 311's presale)... only to be told we didn't have pit tickets. we had "orchestra" tickets. row N. which were still really good seats, but a major let-down if you thought you'd be in the pit. so now i'm inspired to write a nasty letter to ticketmaster who led me to believe i was purchasing two GA (general admission) pit tickets. those bastards. but it worked out because rick and i still danced around and he didn't have to worry about someone accidentally ripping out the stitches in his hand. YE-OUCH. that would suck. and i also got to take photos of the entire band, which is rare because usually i am only far enough away to take photos of one or two band members (which i am NOT complaining about because that is how close i like to be).

the opening bands were Matisyahu, the Wailers, Pato Banton and the Expendables. the Wailers were really good, but i could have done without the others. although it was definitely interesting to see Matisyahu perform. he's much skinnier and more awkward than i imagined. he was wearing a navy blue button-down dress shirt, khakis, white sneakers and a yamaka. he did start off the show wearing a navy blue blazer and a hisidic jew hat, but i am hesistant to believe that his image is more than just an image. (he grew up in new york and was a little druggie who used to follow Phish) but good for him that he found Judaism and is able to be a role model and so forth.

needless to say, 311 rocked and rick and i had a good time and we sang along to every song. rick and i played "would you rather" from the moment we left the venue until we reached our destination... a 90 mile trek. and i only remember a handful of the questions we asked each other. i know i asked rick "would you rather work a normal job until you're 65 or would you rather only work until your 45 but have to commute 3 hours to work." (he'd opted for the former). if we didn't play the game, we probably would have fallen asleep because we were that exhausted.

and apparently i was THAT exhausted because in the middle of the night miss gray was meowing next to my side of the bed and i dangled my hand over the edge of the bed and called "hexum... hexum..." (hexum is my cat back home). rick thinks i was really delusionally calling nick hexum into bed. luckily my cat has the same name. ;)

photos from the concert (and other 311 concerts) can be seen here.

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