Thursday, July 19, 2007

wedding albums, saggy boobs and Cary Grant.

wednesday: worked, designing wedding albums. i also retouched two photos of a lady who was unhappy with her appearance at her daughter's wedding and blamed michael for not telling her that she had saggy breasts. so i had to retouch her boobs, haha. rick and i wound up watching Abre los ojos (Open Your Eyes), the original, spanish version of Vanilla Sky. naturally i like the original, spanish version more (because foreign films are almost always better), but unfortunately both movies are equally as confusing. still, i don't understand why Cameron Crowe felt this movie needed to be remade.

wednesday night: i wrote a poem, but it needs to go through another stage of editing. i've been trying to write again, but i usually end up with nothing. i start with a few really great lines, but my problem is i don't know whether or not the lines should form a poem or be incorporated into a short story. there's no doubt the writing minor i earned in college has improved my writing skills, but since then, the technicalities of the syntax usurps my creativity. :(

thursday: worked, creating wedding albums. rick and i watched Born into Brothels because rick had never seen it. it's an amazing doctumentary about a photographer who visits Calcutta, teaches children of prostitutes how to use cameras and then tries to help the children get an education. the film illustrates how one person CAN make a difference (and in this instance impact the lives of children who deserve a better life). i highly recommend it.

after rick went to bed, i watched His Girl Friday, an old Cary Grant flick. pretty typical for its time... but it received an 8.0 on!! Grant was such a handsome devil.

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