Monday, July 23, 2007

one day i will write a post that doesn't include a movie review...

but today is not that day. ;) hahaha.

friday: worked for michael/finished up some wedding albums. rick and i watched Children of Men, a post-apocalyptic movie set in england in 2027. it was a really griping film. definitely held our attention but then, the movie just ends. abruptly. which made me really disappointed (unless they make a sequel). however, after rationizing with myself, i finally concluded that it was acceptable for the movie to just end like that because the movie is based on a book and a book would end like that. but apparently (i've heard) the book is pretty lousy and the movie is waaaaaaaay better (and much different) from the book.

saturday: worked a promo event. rick met me for lunch and brought me cantaloupe. since the promo was in a store, people usually ask me where certain products are and usually i don't know the answer. so one guy approached me and said (with an english accent) "allo, love!! how are you today???" i inhaled, preparing myself to give the whole "i don't really work here" spiel... but to my surprise he simply said, "you have very nice eyes and eyelashes. but don't tell nobody." hahaha. another funny quotation occurred as an old lady was approaching me. she had a sample of some sort of drink. after taking a sip, she stopped in front of me, with a disgusted look on her face and said, "this tastes like that old milk of magnesia my mother used to give me when i wouldn't go to the bathroom." i laughed as she proceeded to finish drinking the rest.

after work, rick and i went food shopping and then watched Pan's Labyrinth while eating dinner. it's a spanish movie about a little girl's fantasy world as she deals with living in facist spain (1944) as the "step-daughter of a sadistic army officer." i was worried that i wouldn't like it because i'm not a fan of science fiction, but rick and i had heard good things and gave it an 8.5. however, after watching it, we both felt the movie didn't deserve that high of a rating. it's captivating and all, but it didn't live up to all of its hype.

cd i finally listened to and wasn't all that impressed with: G-Love's "Lemonade." (but it is kewl the cd looks like a lemon).

cd i can't stop listening to because all of the songs are so good on it and it reminds me of summer: Foo Fighters "There is Nothing Left to Lose." Mmmm.

FACT: "There is Nothing Left to Lose" won a grammy in 2000 for "Best Rock Album."
FACT: early editions of the album came with an "FF" temporary tattoo... which i still have and am always tempted to wear whenever i see it. :)
FACT: David Eric Grohl is the Peter Pan of Rock n' Roll.

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