Saturday, July 7, 2007

it's saturday AGAIN???

because the 4th was a wednesday... i have been totally unaware as to what day of the week it is. in fact, today felt more like a wednesday than july 4th did. the 4th flet like a saturday and now today is saturday. ahhhh!!!! the confusion. anyway... so here's the scoop.

thursday: MAJORLY productive day. i called a lot of ad agencies for dave. both lindsay AND andrea called me (my two best friends). i did the dishes, made the bed and cleaned every inch of the guest bathroom. then when rick got home we went to the bank; i ran into a foodstore to buy snyders pretzels; we went to costco; i dropped off film; we went to the library; we went back to costco and shopped; i picked up my film; we went to albertsons; then came home and made dinner and watched The Break-Up which certainly doesn't deserve the 5.9 rating it received on

friday: worked for michael doing layouts and making templates. went to post office. aldrin came over. rick and i cut his hair. (his hair was getting LONG!! it grows so fast. the last time we cut it was in may!!) then we all went swimming. aldrin stayed for dinner and we watched Lucky Number Slevin which was actually really good. i didn't know ANYTHING about the movie before i watched it... and that's the best way to watch that particular movie. it's pretty violent, but not excessively gruesomely violent. but four or five characters die within the first 30 seconds of the movie, even before the opening credits are finished.

saturday: meeting up with kerry (guy who works for michael/dm photography) at *drumroll* 6:50 AM to drive to santa clarita to shoot a wedding. ohhhh my. and i am NOT a morning person. the good news is the wedding ends at 5 PM.

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