Thursday, July 5, 2007

fourth of july. lucy in the sky. i remember palm trees and the coat of many colors. ~311

hope everyone had a happy 4th of july!!

rick and i went over his parent's house for a BBQ. we picked up aldrin, went over tim's house and browsed through their high school yearbooks. we also ran a few errands then went to see the fireworks from the harbor. there was a little street fair with a live band and a highly amusing old guy who danced like nobody was watching (although he was kind of hard to miss). we wound up sitting on a bridge watching the fireworks from accross the water (and have now been inspired to rent a little boat one of these weekends).

this week: i am finishing up work for dave until the 11th.
this weekend: i am working as 2nd shooter for michael.
next weekend: i am doing promotional work.

i'm also working on albums during the weekdays. i'm trying to get as many gigs as i can right now because i am going home in august for two weeks to see family and friends and i could really use the money. hopefully a lot of jobs will come my way.

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