Monday, July 16, 2007

away for the weekend

rick and i stayed at his parents' house this weekend while they were away. i worked two promo gigs and rick and i watched a few movies and a lot of tv. (we were having cable withdrawals).

friday: we made dinner and watched Napoleon Dynamite because rick had never seen it. we both agree it doesn't live up to the hype. and the most hilarious part was after we finished watching it, we turned to the dvd player off and guess what was playing on MTV... NAPOLEON DYNAMITE!! hahaha.

saturday: rick and i went to jamba juice with aldrin. then we went into Nordstrom Rack and i bought a really kewl pair of plaid hurley board shorts, a pair of BRIGHT neon green roxy capris and a cute SOFT gray tee shirt. rick and aldrin actually left me there and came back for me because i take a realllllly long time to shop. then rick and i took his dog magoo to the beach. he loved it.

saturday night: we watched North By Northwest a really good Hitchcock film with Cary Grant. so good i even watched the extras/the making of the film and that was pretty good too!! Hitchcock takes the cake for suspense thrillers.

by sunday i was itching to hug miss gray and eat lots of pretzels and upload more photos onto flickr. and rick was itching to play resident evil. hehehe.

sunday: on our way home i bought a half crate of fresh strawberries, Mmmmm!! miss gray was REALLY happy to see us. she was meowing up a storm and even rubbing against rick's legs!! (she's still wary around rick). during dinner we watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High because i have never seen it. it make me feel like watching 10 Things I Hate About You (i really like that movie) but i actually liked Fast Times more than i liked American Graffiti. still, 10 Things and Clueless are tied for my favorite teen/high school comedy but maybe that's because i was a teenager in the 90s.

music i can't stop listening to: Charlotte Gainsbourg's "5:55" album and Susanne Vega's "Nine Objects of Desire" album. good stuff.


Missy said...

isn't it so funny how things like that happen? once in a while i get the urge to watch an old movie....go out and rent it, and then they end up showing it on t.v 3 days later. wth! but u gotta admit the part with the kung-fu trainer guy was awesome :) "you think anyone wants to mess with me while im wearing these pants?! forget about it!"
oh no! i just read the part where u said "by sunday i was itching..."
aaah! now im gonna start saying that again, i was doing so good. thanks. alot. youuuuuuu :p
man ur cats meow is awesome. glad she snuggled up to rick. probly pooped in his show later tho :p jk. tis all, my friend!

jena ardell said...

miss gray and rick have had two weeks of quaility bonding time together now... when i return, she's probably gonna give me the cold shoulder. :( haha, who am i kidding... she'll just realize how much she missed me and then start ignoring rick again. ;)

p.s. one of the best parts of napoleon dynamite is definitely the opening credits. AWE-SOME.