Monday, July 9, 2007

i'm a fruit whore./another productive weekend.

saturday: woke up at 5 am to meet kerry (wedding photographer) to drive to santa clarita where the bride was getting ready in her parent's house. (the bride and her family were all SUPER friendly, by the way. and her parent's house was really nice!!) after that series of photos were shot, we were off to the church in north hollywood. naturally we missed our exit because we were too busy talking. for the first time ever, i was glad i brought along my navi. i'm not sure how old the couple was, probably post-college, but the groom looked about fifteen. after a loooong catholic ceremony, we were off to the reception at the bel-air hotel. (fancy-shmancy!!) the centerpieces were amazing and the cake was really cute - it was three layers, looked like a castle and was adorned with clovers. (they were irish). the wedding ended by 4 pm and before the main course was even served, one of the groom's brothers had to be carried out to the newlyweds hotel room because he was THAT plastered. all and all, so far it's been my favorite wedding to shoot. kerry was a fun guy to work with (a bit... confident) but he really allowed me A LOT of room to take some awesome photos. and although i was working without a flash, i think this was my best wedding work to date. and while i was working, rick did the dishes and vacuumed the entire apartment. :)

sunday: rick and i went to his parent's house. i did laundry while rick, tim and his father fixed (and by "fixed" i mean hammered, torched and repaired) our broken patio chair. i mindlessly watched part of a marathon of Sweet Sixteen, a reality show about how spoiled brats blow $200,000-350,000+ on a birthday party. it's so bad it's entertaining. then rick washed my car because he's the best boyfriend ever. after the last load of laundry was in the dryer, we went out to eat thai food (are you surprised?!) in a restaurant we've never tried before. the food was pretty good and it's local, so we want to take rick's mother there when his parents get back from mexico. rick and i have probably eaten thai food together in 15-20 different restaurants. after dinner, then we picked up aldrin, went to target and then went to my favorite spanish food store. :) here's what we purchased... try to guess how much it cost. (without cheating!!)

8 or 9 nectarines (3.94 lbs)
9 mangoes
4 cantaloupes
4 large green apples
2 cucumbers
2 bags of red grapes (4.24 lbs)
1 bag of fresh mint
1 seedless watermelon

my fruit rolling down the check out belt:

guess how much our bill was... and then check the tags/labels for this post to see if you were right!!!!

monday: miss gray woke up me twice nudging me in the face. that's her new favorite thing to do in the mornings. she's starting to sleep on our bed a lot. it's so cute how much she loves me. i just wish she liked rick as much as she likes me. i called more ad agencies for dave, scanned some photos and caught up on emailing people back. when rick gets home we're going to the PO and then going swimming (after we deal with our patio and rick kills some resident evil zombies). usually our goal is to eat dinner before 9 pm, but i doubt that will happen tonight. i don't think we're even going to try.

some plans:
*calling back friends i've neglected to call recently :(
*meeting up with hal to discuss our brilliant plans
*buying polaroid film
*creating albums this week for michael brannigan
*working a promo this weekend

*****don't forget to guess how much alllll of my fruit cost!!!! (and then check below).

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