Saturday, June 16, 2007

work and unwork.

wednesday: i met up with a local wedding/pregnancy/child photographer named aleasha. i was second shooter for a small shoot she did in a park. it was with two kids, very mellow and well-behaved given the circumstances, for a christmas card photo. (yes, people plan that far in advance. crazy). it was the first time meeting aleasha. she was extremely nice and pregnant, hehe. that's why she is looking for an assistant/2nd shooter/someone to whore out as a photographer while she is out of commission. so the day was more or less a test to see if she liked me and my work. i think it went well. i took a lot of images and innovatively saved the day when the mother of the children realized that her little girl was missing one of her tiny elastics for her pigtails. (hello, cabbage patch doll!! hehe). soooo hopefully she'll think i'm a keeper. :)

wednesday night: rick and i bought some toys for our spoiled kitty, miss gray, and she loves them!!!!!

thursday: i assisted a shoot for James Lemmo. it was a small test shoot with one model and three outfits, so i mainly acted as a stylist. the model was really down-to-earth and friendly and james was a really great guy to work for. before the model arrived, james shot a few photos of me outside and they came out REALLY nice.

i stayed for lunch and we talked about movies (he has directed and written a bunch)!! he also had some really great-sounding recomendations of foreign movies (my fave) that i've already queued on aldrin's netflix account. james said he could use me for some upcoming product shoots and i really look forward to working for him again. he's really to the point (he's from NY) and has a lot of knowledge about the film industry.

aldrin stopped by thursday night before his car meet, ate some fish and dropped off two movies that i put on his netflix (Delicatessen and Dark Habits films by two of my favorite directors Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Almodovar, respectively). :) Aldrin's a good guy... we just need to find him a girlfriend named Jen.

friday: unwork day. met with michael brannigan and david frey to discuss a new job position creating layout for their wedding albums. it's a tad low-paying to start but it's better than nothing and at least i'll be doing something dealing with photography. michael said the best way to learn about photography is to look at other people's photographs... and if that's the case, with the amount of time i spend on flickr, i'm already a pro!! hehehe. but he did bring up a good point about being exposed to all of those photos... while doing the layouts, i'll be able to see which photos the clients selected and i will get a good idea of what clients like/expect/want.

after that, i went to the home depot to introduce myself and charge a battery for a promotional demo scheduled for saturday. i also ran into target and bought some homer simpson magnets for rick.

friday night: went to the dodger game (dodgers vs. the angels) with rick, jonathan and his friends!!

it was my first time at a professional sporting event and it was pretty fun. we all had a good time!! dodgers won. :)

saturday: worked a six hour demo at home depot that basically consisted of me drilling a couple screws into a 2 x 4. only two people bought one of the powerdrill kits i was promoting and when they did purchase them, it was a major hassle because all of the sku numbers were wrong and we all realized that home depot didn't even have the 7 piece kit they were promoting!! they just had a 5-piece kit marked at the 7-piece kit price and i had to go to the register with the people who were buying them and explain why these people were adding tools to the kit for free to build the 7-piece kit. ugh, it was quite a headache. the highlights of my day included meeting the hispanic version of my friend barry; being blessed by a costumer; and witnessing an older man sitting on one of the patio chairs "hiding" on his wife by holding a box up to his face and seeing her walk right by him TWICE before he finally lowered the box and she "found" him. hehehe.

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