Monday, June 4, 2007

tri-tip and sangria.

saturday: rick had to work so we got to ben's BBQ a little late. i also had to leave early to go to work but for the hour and fifteen minutes i was there, i had a good time. ben made tri-tip and sangria and there were lots of cherries. :) ben was exhausted (and pretty toasted) and was leaving that night with his girlfriend to go to nyc to visit jonathan (rick and ben's friend). i'm sure he slept well on the plane, hehe.

saturday night was A LOT of fun. i worked a gig at the wiltern during a citizen cope concert. i got well-paid to take polaroids of people and ask them survey questions. :) rj reynolds was hooking people up. free packs of cigarettes and drink tickets and photos and spin art. (the lengths tobacco will go to get more victims... i mean kids... i mean people to enjoy their products). hehe. i had a great time tho. i would love to be a part of a street team that travels across the U.S. maybe not for a tobacco company, but an ice cream company, sure. i didn't get home til 1:30 am. i couldn't believe the amount of cars on the freeway at that hour. it was like driving on a busy highway back east during the day!! but at least there wasn't any traffic.

sunday: worked. easy job. rick did our laundry and we ate dinner over his parent's house. we also picked up some ugly chairs from this girl i found on craigslist. they were $10 a piece and in really good condition for their age. they're retro and they don't match a damn thing in our apartment but at least they will accomendate another tush. one is round and spins and the other is striped.

the girl i bought them from is having a quarter-life crisis after enrolling into a film school that wasn't what she expected. take a wild guess at which school it is... BROOKS!!!! *bites tongue* poor girl. at least she was smart enough to get out. i also scored a nice roxy overnight bag and a large marilyn monroe poster and a framed print and a little crab ashrtry. all (including both chairs) for $30. thanks Brooks!!

monday: uploaded lots of new photos to my flickr site. did dishes. made the bed. hung up my clothes and rick's clothes. all that fun stuff. rick and i watched Sabrina (billie wilder's version with audrey hepburn, humphrey bogart and william holden... not the remake). i never saw it and i really liked it... except the ending. i won't say what i wanted to happen. don't want to ruin the surprise. ;) aldrin stopped by for a while and finished watching the movie with us. rick fell asleep so he doesn't know the ending yet, hehe.

earlier in the evening, rick's mom made the mistake of calling and asking if we wanted a kitten. her neighbor only had it a week but needs to give it away because his older cat hates it. we said we'd stop by and see it. i told rick "do NOT let me get this cat!!" but then his mother's neighbor sent rick a picture of the kitten to his cell phone and AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! it's way too cute and it's ORANGE, striped (like my hexum!!) and i already have a name for it. we really shouldn't get it tho, but we probably will because who can resist a kitten after you hold it and press it against your face and it purrrs and looks at you all cute with those big kitten eyes!! :( o, geeze.

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