Friday, June 8, 2007


thursday: what a hectic day. i had that interview for the position of personal assistant to the host of a reality show. it's a court show hosted by Bruce Cutler, the lawyer who defended John Gotti and who is currently defending Phil Spector. every week there will be three guest celebrity jurrors. i feel like the interview went really well and when i mentioned my career goals in photography, the producer said he would be willing to hire me to shoot stills on the days when the D-list celebrities would be on the show. directly after the interview, i changed my clothes in my car and drove to Santa Monica to attend an "entertainment" focus group which was mostly focused on adult content and porn on digital cable. i should have known the topic was going to be something shady when the screener who was recruiting me asked "on a scale from 1 to 5, how comfortable are you talking about adult content in public???" when i answered "uhhh... 2." she replied, "how about a 3???"

directly after the focus group, i met up with my friend Hal and we ate dinner at Swingers, a hip little diner with a very alternative-looking wait staff. we discussed an exciting plan we're eager to hatch then we went to Hal's apartment. i found out that Hal went to high school with Mark "the cobrasnake" Hunter. for those of you who don't know, Hunter is a photographer who just goes to clubs in LA, takes photos of party people (mostly girls) and uploads them on his website. believe it or not, he's become "famous" just by doing that. he even discovered young Cory Kennedy, who i kind of can't stand. I just don't understand why a sloppily dressed 15-or-16-year-old girl is considered a fashion icon. we'd all look like that if we didn't wash our hair and we wore clothes two sizes too big. but maybe i'm just jealous because i'm not the one who is famous for doing absolutely nothing. ANWAY, Hunter is two years younger than me and Hal and his sophmore yearbook photo is quite hilarious. he's the only person with headphones around his neck.

I stayed at Hal's until 10, sticking post-it notes all over everything and listening to Cake's unreleased "B-Sides and Rarities" album. "War Pigs" is definitely my favorite track. meanwhile, Hal and his friend mapped out their week-long cross-country trek to NY. and since Hal won't be able to shoot a job he usually books, he passed the gig onto me. :) so on monday i will be taking photos at a celebrity golf tournament. how awesome is that?!! at first i was a little nervous because i can't identify more than four professional golfers, but luckily i will be given an assistant who will tell me who's who and who i should be snapping photos of. i'm really excited. :D

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