Monday, June 11, 2007

majorly productive weekend.

really a great weekend. i've been really busy, both with work and with friends and i can't complain. :) i'm finally earning money to do what i like doing. i'll finally be able to pay rick my share of the rent on time!! (or at all). it feels good to only have to worry about money half of the time and not ALL of the time right now.

friday: beautiful day outside. rick and i went for a walk and watched Shrek because i had never seen any of the Shrek movies. (shocking, i know). later that night, we watched Reality Bites and played scrabble. (i won, hehe). i only miss not having cable at night when Jay Leno and Conan are on. and i only really miss a handful of shows like King of Hill and The Simpsons and of course my HGTV. other than that, i am perfectly content watching movies.

saturday: "worked" in Van Nuys. i was supposed to be promoting a DVD rental machine, but it was broken so i left early. the sucky part was that i had two hours to waste because i was meeting up with Rebecca right after my shift was over, but she was doing laundry over her dad's house and it was pointless for me to drive all the way home since i was near her apartment. but anyway, i managed. we wound up surfing flickr and talking and talking until we got really hungry. then we looked online for a good thai restaurant and found one right near her apartment!! the food was good. we each ordered a meal and then split pad see ew. we didn't realize it, but we wound up spending TWO HOURS in the restaurant. and after we ingested all that our stomachs would allow, they brought us sherbert. and of course we wolfed that down too.

Then we hopped into Rebecca's awesome, brand-new Prius and headed to Hollywood to attend Lou's polaroid show at CineSpace. (Rebecca and i "met" Lou at our favorite site, flickr). The show was well attended and everyone we met from flickr that night was really awesome.

Jena & Rebecca!
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Drew-the experiment
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mingling at the Cinespace
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mingling at the show
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Drew was there and Irene and Tod Brilliant. it was great meeting more people who are as into polaroids (and flickr) as i am.

after the show, Rebecca and i met up with Rachel, a lady i found on craigslist who wanted to find a good home for her cat. we made the transaction at a strip mall in hollywood. it was obvious the lady was sad to see her cat go, but the cat keeps chasing her other cat. soooo rick and i have a cat now!! :) the poor cat meowed most of the way up windy laurel canyon. she came with the name "gray," but rick keeps calling her "nintendo."

she's really sweet and fat and she comes when you call her. she has the most gorgeously green eyes. she likes to nibble on your arm while you pet her and she uses her litter box like a pro!! she keeps all of the litter pushed against the back wall of the box so she doesn't have to be standing in the litter when she's in the box, hehe. she follows rick and i around and intently watches the humming birds that visit our feeder. and she's REALLY well-behaved. she'll follow me out onto the balcony when i water my plants and then follow me back inside.

gorgeously green eyes
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under the bed
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sunday: rick and i ran A LOT of errands. first we picked up a flash from his work that i need to use on monday. then we headed to Victoria's Secret so i could use a gift card i've been hoarding since Christmas. (thanks ma!! hehe). it seems Victoria's Secret starts their semi-annual sale earlier and earlier every year. last year i came home with an obscene amount of bras and underwear, but this year was slim picking. i only came home with $30 worth of undies (seven pairs). after that, we ate thai food. Mmm!! then we bought a litter box and some cat food, and i got a free jamba juice. :) we were out for at least four hours and the cat didn't do anything bad while it was home alone. then i ran to one of my least favorite stores (circuit city) to buy a compact flash card. hopefully i won't need to use it on monday so i can return it. and i put gas in my car. $25 only got me 7.8 gallons... how pathetic is that?! i don't understand why gas is the most expensive in california if it's the kind that burns faster. uggggh.

that night rick and i played scrabble and watched Who Killed the Electric Car? a great documentary about how GM created an awesome electric vehicle, would only allow people to lease it and then destroyed every last car so America can remain dependent on oil. i HIGHLY recommend you watch this documentary. it will make you realize the inpact the media and advertising (and the government) has on the general public and hopefully it will make you reconsider your beliefs on brands and products.

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