Wednesday, June 6, 2007

kittenless :(

well we came home kittenless. which is both good and bad. good because i really can't afford its shots right now or the cost to get it spayed/neutered... and bad because who doesn't want a kitten?! i did come home with a large humming bird feeder that the vicious little suckers have been fighting over. and i'm trying to find some cheap patio furniture for our balcony because i am convinced that we would sit outside if we had a table and chairs.

today is roxie's birthday. she's 1!! check out my flickr tribute to her. i uploaded some silly ones.

and because it's her bday and because this is a funny story (sorta), here's how i obtained my [mom's] dog: my mom was looking on for a german shepherd. she made the mistake of leaving the internet browser open. i went on and searched for a pomeranian and found one named "princess elizabeth." local too. i went to the animal shelter (about 45 minutes away). i saw her in the main office laying in a little bed and i bent down. she lifted up her adorable little head and walked over to me. as soon as i picked her up, i got yelled out by this heinious bitch of a woman who works at the shelter. "M'AM, M'AM, don't handle the puppy please!!" ooooooook. so the bitch made me fill out some forms and i wasn't able to adopt the puppy because i was living with my mother and i was told the dog had to meet my mother first. the bitch also had to see my driver's license. then i made the mistake of telling her we had two cats. the bitch called my vet and then told me that because my cats were overdue for *insert unnecessary shot here* that i wouldn't be able to adopt the puppy anyway. i was told i needed to take my cats to the vet, get the shots and then bring back proof, then i would be eligible to get the puppy. and then the bitch added, "and by the time you do that, she'll probably be gone because a lot of people are interested in her." sooo i drove to my friend barry's house and asked his mom to go get the dog for me. she was all willing but not able to because she was getting her kids ready to go to an amusement park. but she did rant and rave about what a *insert a myriad of vulgar names here* that bitch is. apparently barry's mom wanted to put her dog up for adoption but that bitch wouldn't let her and told her she "shouldn't have gotten a dog in the first place." the next morning, i convinced my cousin anthony to adopt the puppy for me. getting him out of bed that early was an accomplishment in itself. i made him and his girlfriend drop me off down the street from the shelter so the bitch didn't see me. i was told the dog cost $300 to adopt, but the bitch told anthony it was $400 and even after i told him how much she told me, like a sucker, he paid (with my money) the $400. :( but the bitch gave him no problem. him and his girlfriend were able to hold the dog and walk out with it that day. and so that's how i got roxie, the dog formally named "princess elizabeth," hahaha. and after i moved to california, roxie became my mom's dog. she likes my mom waaaaay more than she likes me.

tomorrow i have a job interview to be the personal assistant to the host of a reality show, so hopefully that will go well. the best part is... it's local!! it's actually being filmed in the basement of a nearby hotel. :)

song i can't stop listening to: CSS - "off the hook." yet another catchy song from them.

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