Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i'm sick. :(

yep, i got caught cold. running nose. sore throat. all that fun stuff. i have a busy weekend planned, so i better feel better soon. i've been drinking emergen-C, which is rare because i hate taking any kind of medication/anything, so that better work.

i planned on going to an audition today and then meeting up with my favorite photographer dave nagel to pick up some of his portfolios and see what i need to do while he is away in England taking photos!! (lucky bloke, hehe). so while he is gone i get to be his "studio manager." OoOOoOOOooo, fancy.

but instead, i bascially bummed around all day long, washed off our "new" patio furniture and hung out with miss gray. also, thanks to my grandmother, i ate a lot of pretzels.(she sends me bags of my favorite pretzels in the mail). awwww, what a good grandma. :)

here's how my weekend looks:
friday: interview with Jeff for p/t barista job
saturday: 2nd shooter at wedding with michael brannigan
sunday: maddy house/malibu photo adventures planned with miss rutabega

p.s. there's lots of new photos of miss gray on my flickr. enjoy!!

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