Thursday, June 28, 2007

finding your inner-celebrity.

i found a hilarious celebrity look-alike website.

some of the look-alikes are really good!!!!
Ozzie Osbourne look-alike.
Danny DeVito look-alike.
Sharon Stone look-alike.
Sophia Loren look-alike.
Samy Davis Jr. look-alike.
Fergie (the real dutchess) look-alike.

and some are just plain AWFUL!!!!
Pamela Anderson look-alikes.
Matt LeBlanc look-alike.
Gloria Estefan look-alike.
Rocky look-alike.

apparently any brunette wearing sunglasses can be victoris beckham and any guy with facial hair can be oralando bloom. hahaha.

and check out the photoshop jobs on emimen #1. looks like a sixth grader made it in MS paint!! and check out the awesome solar flare coming from brad pit #2's belt buckle. oh my!!

could you imagine making a living off of impersonating a celebrity??? if you answered yes, better start with the celebrity face recognition website to find out who you look like!! (my results below)

(really depends on what photo you use).

for hilarious results, use a photo with multiple people in it.

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