Monday, June 18, 2007

father's day.

rick and i went refrigerator hunting with rick's mother because her fridge just broke. :( you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find an off-white fridge. every one was either white, black or stainless steel. i personally am not into the whole stainless steel craze. i'd much rather have this fridge:

preferably an authentic, old one... but i guess it's safer to go with a newer model. and of course i'd want a teal stove top and sink to match. :) (sometimes i think i was born in the wrong decade, hehe).

so anyway, rick's mom had to pay an extra $125-165 just to get a "bisque" colored fridge, which is funny because at one point all refrigerators were off-white. my grandmother remembers the top three color choices being avocado, mustard or rust. Mmmm!! i'd actually like an avocado green fridge. hopefully when i'm looking to buy a new fridge, the color choices will be different because white fridges look sorta tacky, black fridges show scratches, stainless shows fingerprints and off-white fridges are boring.

after finally finding a decent fridge, we went food shopping, bought A LOT of food and BBQ-ed. rick's neighbors came over and we ate a lot. and then ate some more. and rick and i wound up leaving with an obscene amount of left-overs. we won't need to go food shopping any time soon.

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