Tuesday, June 12, 2007

american graffiti :: 200 cigarettes

monday went well. the golf tournament was an easy event to cover. i mostly shot portraits of guests at the reception and auction. rick and i watched American Graffiti. i was a little disappointed. it was good, but i don't think it deserves the 7.6/10 rating from imdb.com. it was kewl to see california depicted in 1962. the fact that guys and gals really met up by cruising the strip and hopping in each other's cars is still a bit surreal to me. what a different time we're living in now. but anyway, the movie really reminded me of 200 Cigarettes. Much like American Graffiti, 200 Cigerettes tells the story (in vignettes) of a group of friends or acquintances who are intertwined by a common event. both films revolve around hook-ups and missed (or found) opportunities for love. and both films take place in the event of 24 hours. even the character "types" parallel each other. the advantage of 200 Cigarettes is the fact that it is new years eve in nyc in 1981. you have to go watch both movies to appreciate my discovery, but here are the character parallels i found: (i'm using the actors' names because i don't remember character names).

american graffiti :: 200 cigarettes

Richard Dreyfuss :: Martha Plimpton
(characters searching for a mystery man/woman)

Ron Howard :: Angela Featherstone
Cindy Williams :: Brian McCardie
(couple that breaks up and makes up)

Harrison Ford :: Casey Affleck (shady out-of-towner)

Paul Le Mat :: Jay Mohr (looking for a hook up)
Mackenzie Phillips :: Kate Hudson (juvinile girl guy gets stuck with)

Charles Martin Smith :: Paul Rudd (nerdy/intellectual type)
Candy Clark :: Courtney Love (ditz/floozy who hooks up with him)

Wolfman Jack :: Dave Chappelle
(ominiscent voice that reaches all the characters)

if only the questions on the SATs looked like that!! haha.

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