Thursday, May 31, 2007

whereabouts and happenings

wednesday: finally planted the strawberry plants my grandmother had shipped to me :) they already had roots but were in a dormant state and just needed some dirt, water and sunshine. rick and i went to the mall and i returned a pair of nine west shoes to macy's because when i peeled off the price tag, it tore up the suede sole and left a huge sticky square. doesn't sound like a big deal but they were black strapless sandals and every time i walked it sounded like... "whoooooit. whoooooit" because my foot was sticking to the shoe. plus they were $41 plus tax (on clearance) and they were pretty ugly so i only would have only ever worn them with pants anyway. why are only the ugly shoes comfortable?!! i wound up buying a really cute top and a pair of shorts with the money i got back from the shoes and had $10 to spare. woo woo!!

during dinner, rick and i watched Saw III. i was a bit disappointed. here's the eloquent review i posted aldrin:

"Saw III def didn't live up to the first two :( it would have been waaaaay better if marky mark rescued donny and kicked the shit outta that dumb jigsaw-wannabe beyotch."

couldn't have said it better myself... oh, wait. ;) haha.

but check this out... doesn't the chick from Saw look a bit like demi moore??? i thought so.

according to, "The final shooting draft of the script was written in under a week in Toronto by Leigh Whannell based on an idea by creator and Saw director James Wan." and it shows. the casting was pretty poorly done as well. the actors who played the lawyer and the male lead victim were awful.

thursday: (today) i cleaned out the closet in the spare bedroom/computer room and put away all of my clothes, which was quite an accomplishment considering how much more i brought back with me from jersey.

funny thing that happened: i got a phone call (accidentally) from someone who didn't know their phone was on. apparently they couldn't hear me saying hello repeatedly. i didn't recognize the number, so i stayed on the line for four minutes just to try to figure where they were or who it was. sounded like they were setting up/cleaning up for a trade show. unfortunately nothing interesting occured while i was listening but my favorite line was: "yeah, we're looking for a f*cking trailor too to pull our Bobcat around on."

after rick got home, we walked to the park and played tennis. this is only the second time we played tennis together. the first time we were rusty, but this time we did really well. it was so nice too... two little boys came up to our court and were watching us play and would retrieve any balls we hit into the net. it was like having our own personal ball boys!! hehe. after tennis, we went swimming and finally used the hot tub. (we've been living in this apt. complex for five months and never used the hot tub). we starting watching what ever happened to baby jane? (my pick, hehe). bette davis is definitely one of my favorites. tim and his girlfriend morgan stopped by for an hour and then rick and i hit up the hot tub again. then i tortured rick by plucking his eyebrows. all and all, an eventful day.

plans for this weekend include: a BBQ at ben's house on saturday and work on sunday.

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