Thursday, May 24, 2007

the rest of my trip: a photoblog.

here's a recap of my trip back home :)

sunday, may 13th: mother's day. ate thai food with my mom and grandmother. played scrabble. found some hilarious notes from high school that i will post on my flickr.

my mom opening her gifts:

monday, may 14th: drove with my grandmother to her sister's house to pick up some polaroid cameras she saved to give to me :) we ate lunch there too. on our way home i stopped many times to take some polaroids. at one point, i even asked a man if i could enter his yard to get a good shot of his tire swing, haha. i also taught my grandmother how to use her digital camera and how to email photos!! after dinner with my mother, we took roxie to the park and walked 2.5 miles.

tuesday, may 15th: went over my mom's cousin's house for lunch (i'm specifying this so it's less confusing for you ;) haha). then went to kohl's so my mother could exchange the bath mats i got her for mother's day (i bought her new bath mats because my cat destroyed her old bath mats. he's an inside/outside cat and for some reason whenever he accidentally gets left in the house, he goes to the bathroom in our bathroom... on the bath mats. this time he even tried covering up his crap by digging up the bath mats. how's that for too much info).

then we stopped at my aunt's house. she got a new bengal kitten!! this time a white one, named lenox. he has the most beautiful blue eyes... and they're going to stay blue when he gets older.

my aunt has two more bengals on the way. she's planning on breeding them. they go for $300-$1000.

that night, lindsay stopped by and stayed til 1 am. she showed me her photos from mexico and i bombarded her with all of my cali photos and then we took some more photos!!

they are HILARIOUS check em out.

wednesday, may 16th: my mom did a lot of yard work and i weeded. got so covered in dirt that when i blew my nose, dirt came out. Mmm!! i can't remember what i did that night. probably played scrabble with my mom :) while i was visiting, she got me hooked on "dancing with the stars." thank goodness rick and i don't have cable.

thursday, may 17th: my grandmother called an old man (who was driving poorly) a "scrotum face." AND i got $100 for eating a tuna sandwich. i will leave you wondering why...

friday, may 18th: went to a fancy bar with justin and lindsay.

lindsay bought me a mojito :) she also got hit on by every guy in the bar. on our way back to justin's, luckily still close to the bar, lindsay realized that she forgot to get her credit card back from the bartender so we had to go back. justin and i had bets on how many guys would hit on her in the amount of time it took her to get the card. it was somewhere around 7 or 8. ;)

i wasn't sure if andrea was even coming up, but she arrived at my house at 2 am, around 10 minutes before we got home. it was rare to have my two best friends in one place (andrea lives in upstate NY) so naturally i had to photograph the event. they came out really cute...

saturday, may 19th: my grandma kitty (biological father's side) and her lifemate tina took andrea and i out to brunch. we inteneded to get together with our friend zac, but it got to be too late and we exhausted. :( the weather was too crappy to take the photos i had planned, so andrea and i watched the holiday instead. then my mom came home from work and started watching it and asking questions about the characters, so we started the movie over for her. (that's right, i watched the holiday a total of 2.5 times while i was home. haha). after dinner, andrea and i went to foodstore to buy some candy. then we picked up my grandmother, brought her back to my house and we all played cranium.

side note: my best friend andrea is a cranium fanatic. so much so, she holds cranium nights at her house. sometimes the attendance is so well they have to set up two boards. with all of this cranium experience you would think she would always win, however that is not the case. rick and i beat her and my mom after new years and my grandmother and i beat her and my mom this time around, hahaha.

sunday, may 20th: busy, hectic day. i took a BUNCH of polaroids with andrea. (one of the MANY reasons why love my best friend is because she likes having her photo taken and she is very patient and compliant when it comes to me directing the shots). they came out really good!! i am in the process of scanning and cropping them.

right as andrea was leaving, my best pal from college, margot, arrived!!

it took her 4 hours to get to my house when it should have only taken 2 hours because her dad's car's navigational thingy was set to the "no-highway" route. (her car is in florida, where she now resides). i hadn't seen her since august!! :( we talked, took photos (of course), i did her makeup, we took more photos, my mom cooked us ate dinner and then we talked some more. we had a lot of catching up to do!!

monday, may 21st: ran a few last minute errands with my grandmother. cleaned out the part of my garage that was full of my crap that i intended to sell in a yard sale, but never did. after that, i went to the chinese resturant with my mom and grandmother. lindsay stopped by too while i was packing.

and there you have it!! now i'm back and busy in california with loads to unpack!!

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