Tuesday, May 1, 2007

reason #7548392 why you shouldn't spit on the sidewalk...

sunday: i went over hal's for a photo play day. there was this cute mural at an elementary school near hal's apartment that i knew would make a lovely polaroid subject but, since it was sunday, the school was closed and the gates were locked. so hal and i had to climb over a chain link fence to get near the mural. (and of course i was wearing flip-flops). there were a lot of kewl things on the lot, including an abandoned building full of computers. so we took our photos and were about to climb back over the fence when this lady and man walked by.

"what are you guys doing?" the lady asked. "isn't school closed?"
"yeah," hal said nonchalantly.
then the lady saw our bags and camera equipment.
"ohhhh, photography," she said, as if that were a justifiable reason to trespass.

so we're on our way to hal's car when... *SPLAT!* water splashes up on my leg.
"ewww, i just got wet!!" i said, assuming my flip flop caught the edge of a puddle. but the water didn't run off, it clung to me like a gel. and to my dismay, there wasn't a puddle in sight... only the damp spot from a big, fat loogie. YEP, there i was with a loooong glob of someone else's spit hanging on the back of my calf. how GROSS is that?!!! luckily i am so addicted to pretzels that i carry them in little plastic baggies. so i used the plastic baggie i had in my purse to pull the saliva/phlegm off of my leg. when we got back to hal's apartment i must have washed my leg and foot at least four times.

after that pleasant experience, hal and i headed to a little greek place called "the hungry pocket" where the only framed thing hanging on the wall was an autographed photo from the cast of Full House, circa 1992. i had the hummus sandwich and hal had some kind of sandwich with gyro meat and falafels. it was pretty good. then we headed to hal's friend jen's art gallery. we positioned some lights for jen who was preparing to shoot a friend's headshots. in the process, we took a bunch of silly photos that i will post on flickr after i get them all from hal.

after jen's model arrived, hal and i left to find some kewl things to photograph outside since the weather was so nice. we picked up hal's girlfriend from work and walked around the venice canals in awe of the cute little houses that line the water. unfortunately hal's battery went dead and it got gray and cloudy outside, so after walking around for a while, we headed back to hal's apartment and started watching The Slums of Beverly Hills.

i hit a bit of traffic on my way home because everyone loves to slow down and gawk at fender benders. you can tell i'm from out of state when i'm driving because I ACTUALLY USE MY BLINKERS WHEN I'M CHANGING LANES!!!! anyway, after i returned home, rick and i watched Thelma & Louise (because neither of us had ever seen that movie in its entirity) and played scrabble. rick won... which is pretty rare. (no offense to rick, hehe. he's getting good!!) lately i've been sucking at scrabble :(

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