Saturday, May 5, 2007

my good deed of the month.

our apartment complex has been chopping down all of its trees. every day. early in the morning. so far, they cut over 80 trees total. there are three trees right by our bedroom windows marked with orange dots, waiting to be cut. so naturally i got all hot and bothered over it.

#1 because if those trees are taken down, we gain a lovely view of the parking lot and our neighbors' apartments. likewise, our neighbors gain clearer views into both bedrooms.

#2 because it's unnecessary... i was told the trees are being removed because the pine needles kill the grass. we are talking three measly pine trees on a SMALL area of grass between the sidewalks. my mother's house has TONS of pine trees, to the point where all you see is orange pine needles covering the lawn, yet we still have grass.

#3 another reason for cutting down the trees: "because they don't correspond with the new landscaping plan." they cut five or six trees down across from our apartment to clear out a space to build a small putting green. HOW STUPID and (again) UNNECESSARY.

so after rick and i chiseled away the orange dots off the trees by our apartment, i wrote a petition/letter and went door to door collecting signatures. a few pansies were concerned that signing the petition would lead to the apartment complex raising their rents, but regardless, i got a lot of praise and signatures. :) hopefully my petition will spare the remaining trees... if not, at least i tried.

what was your good deed of the month???

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