Friday, May 4, 2007

to each his own (and gael garcia bernal is in everything).

wednesday: i assisted my friend hal's shoot for a non-profit computer center that caters to people with disabilities (hearing, vision, you name it). it was pretty amazing. the center has a variety of machines that allow people with disabilities to use computers and the internet. one man, a paraplegic, was able navigate online with a small box on top of a monitor that corresponded with a small adhesive circle placed on his forehead. the shoot ran fairly smoothly... we only blew one of their fuses. there was a thai restaurant across the street that was taunting me the entire afternoon so after the shoot, hal treated me and his friend/art director che to dinner there. the food was pretty good and i got rick some pad see ew to go. hal and i stopped over dave's house to return some equipment and chat.

thursday: i worked a promotional event at a fair. there were about six of us and our goal was to solicit smokers (21 and older) and ask them to complete a short market research survey which included scanning their driver's licenses. participants got to choose one of two FREE tee-shirts: one had a music design and the other said "free and easy." i don't think i have to tell you which shirt was more desirable to this crowd. participants were also entered in a $250 cash prize. SO guess who got the most amount of people to take the survey... me!! i got 30 people, which is A LOT considering the circumstances (who the hell willingly wants their license copied?!). the person who came closest to my score only got 17 people to take the survey. i rocked. :)

friday: i carpooled with rick to work and met with a local photographer who might hire me as a full-time second shooter for weddings. he's not a fan of polaroids, but to each his own... i know a lot of people who like my polaroids. i even have a fun couple wanting me to photograph their wedding with polaroids. (how kewl is that?!) after rick got out of work, we stopped at the food store so i could fuel my pretzel addiction. (i eat waaaay too many of them). then we took a nap. we planned on taking a thirty minute nap but wound up waking up around 8:30 pm. haha. then we made dinner and watched Dot the i which was REALLY good. i read a few bad reviews, but was glad i took them with a grain of salt. i recommed seeing the movie without knowing much about the plot because there are many clever twists and turns.

rick and i have been watching A LOT of gael garcia bernal movies. (kind of hard not to, the man's in EVERYTHING!!) it was funny because after we watched Dot the i, we finished up another movie, Russian Dolls, we started the night before. Russian Dolls sucked to the point where we had to fast forward just to get through it BUT it was funny because rick was like, "wait, what happened to gael garcia bernal's character?!" and i was like "you have to be kidding me... he's not even in this movie!!" hahaha. but that's because we've seen THREE of bernal's movies (Babel, Science of Sleep, Dot the i) within the past week.

this weekend: i will be home spending time with friends and family!! :) but missing rick. :( we endured a looong distance relationship for two years and are finally living together. we had a record going of consecutive time spent together (a little over 5 months) and now i am breaking it... but only for two weeks. and although we've spent as much as three months apart at a time, it's still going to feel weird being away from him. my plans for when i am home: beat my mom at scrabble; celebrate mother's day and my mom's birthday; go shopping and watch movies with my grandmother; hug my cat; hang out with andrea, lindsay, justin and margot; go to work with my cousin; work, assisting a local photographer; eat lots of utz pretzels; clean out my garage; take photos of my aunt's crazy bengal cat; and take lots and lots of awesome polaroids.

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