Thursday, May 10, 2007


recap so far:

the weekend: as soon as i arrived in nj, my mom and i ordered thai food to go and ate it over my grandmother's house. i went food shopping with my grandmother and visited my aunt. i made hummus!! i put a little too much garlic in it, but it was still good. i took a lot of photos of my aunt's bengal kitten, monte. and my mother and i played scrabble. she won :(

monday: went to kohl's with my grandmother. bought a few things. went to the park with my mom and roxie. walked 4 miles!! (shesh). met roxie's new best friend, a cocker spaniel pup named phoebe, hehe. my mom and i wound up eating dinner over my grandmother's house. i baked a cake for my mom's birthday. i didn't follow any directions, modified all of the ingredients, mixed two different cake mixes together and added a lot of sprinkles to the batter... and it came out like a giant, colorful pound cake... which is what i was hoping for. then i cut it in half, created two layers and filled the middle with a layer of cool whip and strawberries... mMmm!! i also covered the top of the cake with cool whip and strawberries as well.

my mom's birthday!! she liked the card i made her and her presents :) i also had decorated a few areas of the house with b-day banners and wrote on the bathroom mirror with lipstick, hehe. we went to sandy hook for the day, laid on the beach, took some polaroids, ate seafood and had a good day!! when we got home, we sang to my mom and had cake with my dad's niece and her kids. my grandmother stopped by and my former 2nd grade teacher/family friend, mrs. m, stopped by. we wound up watching the "gilmore girls" (the season ends next week!!) and "dancing with the stars." poor billie ray cyrus...

wednesday: went to the dermatologist for a general check up and to see about a strange bite that appeared on my arm. i was worried it was a tick bite, but luckily it's not. i went to a few stores with my grandmother. i ate dinner with my mom then went over my friend justin's house (hadn't seen him since new years!!) and we watched Strangers With Candy, the movie. honestly, i was disappointed... the movie wasn't as funny as i had hoped. i thought the movie would be a bizarre little cult classic that continued where the tv show had left off, but instead the story starts from the beginning and the whole movie is merely a weak recreation. some of the same jokes are recycled from the tv show and they just fizzle. it would have been acceptable if the movie spawned the tv show but for the tv show to spawn this movie... such a shame. they could have done so much with this movie!! :(

thursday: went over my grandmother's house and watched The Holiday, which i've already seen but really enjoyed and thought my grandmother would enjoy it as well. my mom and i took my poor cat to the vet because he's been having trouble with one of his eyes. it's inflamed, goopy and he won't open it. turns out he has "a crater" in his cornea. YEOUCH!! the vet had to cut his cornea some more just so it can heal. poor cat. he's still really out of it and woozy from the anaesthetic and medication the vet had to give him in order to poke around in his eye socket. it gave me the chills. we still have no idea how it happened... he's an inside/outside cat, so it could have been a number of things. he's a trooper though... the vet was surprised hexum was acting like his normal self because most cats would have been reclusive and moody if they had a huge gouge in their cornea!!

friday: i'm going to work with my cousin. he owns a martial arts school and i will be filing and organizing/cleaning the offices. on saturday i might help out with a birthday party at the school... it's teenage mutant ninja turtles party!! hehe.

random quotes from my grandmother:
when driving past a group of kids with shaggy hair and skateboards: "look at those little weiners!!"
"when i do the speed limit, i feel like i'm not moving!!"

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