Tuesday, May 29, 2007

busy is good.

busy weekend!!

friday i worked 10-5 and saturday i worked 10-6 doing promo jobs. :) sunday i was second shooter at a jewish wedding at the intercontinental in century city. i was left in charge of photographing the bride, her mother and sisters while they were getting ready in their suite that had the most gorgeous view of LA i've ever seen. :O i never experienced a jewish wedding before but i am a fan. the Hora tradition was a trip. it really loosens people up and gets everybody on the dance floor as opposed to non-jewish weddings were most people are hesitant to start dancing. throughout the night i shot candids of family and guests during the ceremony and the reception. i took lots of silly dance floor shots. i didn't get home until 12:30 am, but the night was pretty fun. photographer michael brannigan was a joy to work for. he has a great sense of humor and a lot of energy. he also credits women for the transition wedding photography has taken from being posed and formulated to its current artistic/more aestetic style. there's much to be said about a man who named his daughter after amelia earhart and says mary ellen mark is the most underrated photographer ever. since michael has assistants booked for the majority of his upcoming weddings, i may be doing layouts for his albums. :)

monday i vegetated and ate a lot of watermelon. rick drove his brother to the airport and then we finished watching terms of endearment. not what i expected. at all. it's a pretty long movie with a depressing ending. jack nicholson plays a dirt bag astronaut and he looks as old as he did in 1983 as he does now... which isn't really a compliment, but at least he's consistent. rick and i played uno and he kept winning. aldrin stopped by to let us borrow saw 3 and wound up staying til midnight. we have him hooked on uno now too which could be credited to the fact that he loves to screw people over with the draw two/draw four cards.

most idiotic thing i've done in a while: i singed my eyelashes by trying to smell a candle while it was lit. yeah, that was dumb but my face wasn't even that close to the flame!! i was trying to smell if the candle was giving off a scent but the heat from the flame singed my eyelashes in the corner of my left eye. you can't notice it but i can and it will be a constant reminder (at least til the lashes recuperate) that i sometimes am an idiot. : P

goals for this week include illustrating a story my grandmother wrote, cleaning up the apartment, watching saw 3 (finally) and... i don't know else.

current song stuck in my head:
cold war kids - "hang me out to dry."

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