Monday, April 9, 2007

What did the mom tomato say to her little kid tomato when they were walking into town?


thursday: i bummed around. all. day. long. i called dave who will have some work for me the end of the week. he wants to have another casting call. rick brought me home roses... just because (aw!) hehe. i did dishes and played scrabble and boggle online with my mother. she always beats me at scrabble (only online) but i always beat her at boggle. rick and i watched The Best Years of Our Lives, a black and white film (from 1946) about three WWII veterans who return home and must adjust to being a civilian again. it's a REALLY good movie. i highly recommend it. there's a man/actor in the movie who has hooks for arms and he is amazing with those things!! the movie has really good story line; only one thing irked me and that was one of the main characters' sons. he was barely in the movie and they his family never invites him anywhere. it was almost as if he was just a fill character. i didn't understand his purpose or significance in this film.

friday: turkey burger night at aldrin's house with tim and their friend fonz. aldrin made his special turkey burger patties mixed with bacon served with ranch dressing and potatoe chips. i made some veges to go along with the burgers. we rented The Jerk, a classic steve martin comedy. rick and i stayed at aldo's til 11 pm then we stayed overnight at rick's parent's house while they were in washington d.c. i also got a package from my mom filled with eastery goodies and my dad's old camera AND a package from my aunt stuffed with a new spring-y bedspread. :)

one of many crazy hats:

why skippy doesn't like tim:

saturday: worked an easter promo in a furniture store from 10:30-4:00. i was the polaroid photographer. good pay, easy job and it was fun. it was kind of a funny scene tho... me talking to a giant bunny. i felt bad for the guy (paul berg) who was the bunny though... that suit was hot!! and he talked in his bunny voice the entire day, in case any kids were lingering nearby. paul was pretty interesting though, he's a puppeteer and has worked on a few snuggles the bear laundry detergent commercials as well as Men in Black I and II. (he controlled the lungs of the little alien who lived inside the big alien's head). after work, rick and i got some jamba juice and watched 13 going on 30 on tv (cute movie). later that night, we picked up his parent's from the airport.

easter sunday: my mom had groceries delivered to the apartment again!! :) this time she sent over mangoes, pineapples, strawberries, swordfish steaks, asparagus, grapes, clementines and beef jerky. my mom is the best!! rick went to church and then we went to his parent's house. we were expecting a low-key BBQ with his parents, but his old neighbors stopped by as a surprise. they were very nice, brought a cake and stayed for dinner. the daughters (nicole and racquel) are our age and are living in pasadena now, so we will probably go out with them sometime. rick's sister and her family stopped by and rick's niece isabel taught me some new patty-cake rhymes. then rick's neighbors all came over and lots of funny old stories were exchanged.

my mom loves me:

monday-wednesday: i work for photographer CJ Burton. wednesday is ricardo's birthday!!!!! so hopefully i won't be working too late that day because i have a few plans up my sleeve ;) i just hope i have the time to accomplish them all!!!!

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