Tuesday, April 17, 2007


so i sent my grandmother some production stills from the shoot i assisted for CJ...

"did you get the pictures i sent you???" i asked.
"yeah, i saw that CJ Burton. He's a bit strange looking..."
"i mean his hair," she said.
"yeah, i guess it's sorta flat to his head," i said, half questioning.
"what are you talking about?! it was standing up all over the place!!"

and then i realized who she thought CJ Burton was...

"wait a minute," i said between laughs. "why would the photographer's face be painted RED?!!"
"what?? i just thought he had a ruddy complexion."
"and what about the pictures i sent you of the guy holding a camera??" i asked. "who did you think that was??"
"someone who worked for him!!"

aye, my grandmother. one of the many reasons why i love her.

for the record, here's what CJ really looks like.

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