Monday, April 23, 2007

playing with fire.

well... i wasn't, but they were.

yesterday i assisted ryan's Phoenix Projekt shoot. it was nice to finally meet ryan. he was a fun guy, very easy-going. oddly enough we met on craigslist (rick and i bought his entertainment center from him) and then we got to talking about photography, hehe. hopefully he'll get more gigs in the future that he'll need me to assist!!

it was a looong day, (i didn't get home until 11pm) but it was fun and i took a bunch of good portrait polaroids that i am in the process of cropping. ryan also let me shoot with his 20D and fisheye lens. can't wait to see the photos!! everyone was really nice and interesting and i can't complain about the fruit, hummus and pretzel crisps either, haha.

it was pretty hectic/crazy at times because there were 22 people ryan had to take individual shots of. he used two cameras and three different lens, so my job was to switch out the lens every other person. i was given a bag FULL of random fabrics and put in charge of "dressing" the sets. so i chose a color scheme, picked out all of the orange-y colored fabrics and draped and tied them to a tall bamboo fence which could have looked tacky, but the way i did it came out really kewl.

the location was fun. it was a community center with a stage inside and a skateboard ramp outside. while it was raining, all the kids who were skating started sliding down the half-pipe like a water slide, hehe.

there was also this unubtrosively interesting girl in a bright red jacket (not part of the phoenix projekt) who was kind enough to serve as my model for a few polaroid shots. i had THE SHOT in my mind all set up. location, pose, everything. but she was videotaping and i felt kinda weird approaching her so i just asked if i could take her picture. i did that and the photo came out eh-ok... she was a bit nervous i suppose. she went back to videotaping and THE SHOT was still eating away at me. so after a few minutes, i approached her again and said "i thought of another good shot for you!!" she was game so i led her over to where i wanted to take the photos and then directed her how to pose. the shots turned out so good!! probably my favorite polaroid shots of the day.

the weather was pretty crappy and rainy for most of the day, but we made the best of it and the firespinners were still able to do their thang by the end of the night. it was pretty awesome to watch and photograph (AND DODGE!!) the firespinners. there were guys with fire nunchakus, girls spinning fire, girls eating fire, girls with fire-fans and a man blowing a fire-TUBA!!

there was also this awesome lady with a fire hula hoop that she spun around her NECK while she was in s split. shesh. i was even just impressed by how she was able to dance while continously spinning the hula hoop. makes me wish i could even hula hoop. now i might have to go out and buy one and practice. hmmmm.

polaroids are now up.
production photos to come.

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