Sunday, April 1, 2007

i want to start using the word "holiday" as a verb.

" of the most enjoyable holidays i ever had! a really great place to holiday." ~something someone from england would say.

rick went to a friend's house to watch a movie and then stayed over his parent's house so he could get up early to go to church with his sister and niece. i stayed at the apartment and had myself a little chick flick night. i watched The Holiday and ate a lot of chocolate pudding. i thought The Holiday was really cute... i'd say it runs along the same lines as Love Actually. it's an intertwined story that splits into two separate stories and then rejoins... so it's actually TWO chick flicks in ONE!!

Kate Winslet's character is my favorite and her performance seems the most genuine. Cameron Diaz wasn't bad, but whatever movie i see of hers, i feel like i'm just watching the same character experience a different day. maybe it's because she adds her own goofy, alluring quality into EVERY character she plays. Jack Black's character was charming and of course Jack Black sings goofy songs and does his little "doodley-dee" sounds in this movie too. i haven't been a Jude Law fan lately, but he thoroughly surprised me in this film. he's extraordinarily believable in this role. so if you're not a fan of his, don't let that stop you from seeing this film.

the premise/story is cute and improbable (is it really THAT easy to house swap with someone living abroad in less than 24 hours?!) but the improbability will make you want to keep watching. i cringed when Diaz and Winslett were messaging each other online... why does nearly every writer have their characters read aloud while they are typing?!! we can SEE the text. you know the charactors' setbacks are going to be resolved and that the movie will end happily, but there are enough small plot twists to keep you on your toes and prevent the movie from being terribly predictable.

overall, i'd actually recommend this one.

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