Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i have the BEST friends. (thanks lindsay!! XO)

last week i got two packages from one of my best friends lindsay...

the packages were covered with ladybugs!! hehe.

i had no idea what could be inside...

to my surprise lindsay and her mom sent me and rick A CUPCAKE KIT!!!! complete with sprinkles and frosting!!

MmMmMmmm... naked cupcakes!!

rick started eating his even before he was finished decorating it...

my cupcake:

tim and aldrin stopped by and made some cupcakes too. here's aldrin licking icing off the knife...

and here's tim. (notice the b-day decorations that have been up since rick's bday...)

the other box contained a stuffed monkey (we have an ongoing monkey-joke-turned-gift-theme that started in 7th grade). there was also a cute pomeranian magnet and sign.

here's the magnet:

I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS!! THANK YOU LINDSAY AND MRS. F!! we loved the cupcakes and surprisingly we have a couple left!! ...but not for long!! hehe.

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