Thursday, April 12, 2007

happy birthday to rick!!

wednesday was rick's birthday!! after working (and driving) all day long on tuesday, i stayed up until 2 am baking rick a cheese pie, decorating our apartment and finishing his birthday card. and of course i didn't let the cake finish cooling before i put the icing on... :( you can see the funny result here. on wednesday, i was exhausted!! i surprised rick by having aldrin bring a chuckie cheese pizza over for dinner, hehe.

we had a good time laughin, and eatin and findin silly things online. and although we kept rick's birthday pretty low-key, it was still an awesome night because it was the first time i got to spend rick's birthday with him!! the past two birthdays have consisted of long-distance celebrations and priority mail. one year i even sent rick a slice of carrot cake from my school and my mom and i took photos of the happy birthday messages we wrote on the sidewalk with chalk, hehe. we've come a long way.

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