Saturday, April 21, 2007

giraffes, steel drums and magicians.

(and don't steal that for a band name!!) hahaha.

friday night summarized into one sentence: i ate pierogies, kicked rick's butt in scrabble and we watched Rock Star (which was awful).

saturday, today: rick and i went over to his parent's house, ate some lunch and did a load of laundry. while we were there, rick's sister and her family stopped by after a trip to the santa barbara zoo. you'll never guess what the highlight of the day was for rick's almost-5-year-old neice...

"there was a giraffe... and it was PEEING and then another giraffe come over and DRANK IT!!!!" she told us. "that's what i want to do when i become a giraffe."

HAHAHA. after our visit, rick and i met up with his friend james, his wife sarah, their daughter and their friend jack. i had never met sarah before. she reminded me of a cross between the two NICEST people i know -- my best friend andrea and my former second grade teacher who has become a long-time family friend. so we ate chinese food over sarah's parent's house and then went to a CSULB (cal state long beach) steel-drum concert. it was REALLY kewl. the show was held in an elementary school auditorium that was all decked out island-stylee. there had to have been at least forty people, all wearing hawaiian shirts) banging on drums or symbols or cow bells. they played a couple Bob Marley songs including "Is This Love," "I Shot The Sheriff," and "Exodus." they also covered the Carnaval song from Black Orpheus and Harry Belafonte's "Jump In The Line" as well as a few original songs.

and if you think that sounded kewl, get this... james's friend jack is a magician and he might be using me in one of his acts as the girl he "saws" in half!! HAHAHA. how awesome would that be?!!

tomorrow: the pola-nerds are meeting up. rebecca and i were expecting to go but i will be assisting ryan williams at 2:30 and rebecca has to take her mom to the airport so i guess we're no-shows :( which stinks cause i really want to meet the pola-crew!!!! BUT i will busy preparing for something a tad kewler. sorry pola-crew, there is little you can do to compete with FIRESWINGERS. :O

p.s. i took a bunch of awesome polaroids that i can't wait to upload.
and f.y.i. lions and tigers can't purr... but cougars can.

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