Sunday, April 15, 2007

thursday thru sunday... let me fill you in.

thursday i worked a casting call for dave and, as always, it was a lot of fun. dave is currently casting baby boomers for an upcoming stock shoot. when we arrived on location there was no one there to let us in the studio dave rented, so we upgraded to dave's friend's big, beautiful studio on the second floor with lots of windows and great light. lisa (the stylist who i met at dave's spike tv shoots) stopped by for lunch. she gave me the name of a good thai restaurant that i am definitely going to check out because i have yet to find a really good thai place around here. there was a good turnout for the casting call... we saw about 110 people. quite a few characters and a handful of really good, workable people. toward the end of the day, dave let me shoot some people!! i loved making them do all the "Oooo's" and "HEY!'s" and "WOW's" and funny faces dave has them make when he is casting. i always find it amusing how easily people comply when a camera is involved, hehe.

friday i bummed around/stayed in my pjs all day long. i emailed a few photographers and looked for work on craigslist. found a few promotional jobs. rick and his dad picked up his rick's sister and her family at the airport and guess who they saw... GREG BRADY!!!! haha, yep, barry williams was arriving from somewhere and rick didn't even take a photo with his cell phone!! :( i think i would have had to sneak one... it's not every day you see Greg Brady.

saturday i met up with rebecca (rutabegabunny on flickr) at her dad's house and saw his infamous celebrity pool!! herbert anderson (the dad from the old 'dennis the menace' tv show) was the previous owner of the home rebecca grew up in. the pool is extremely photogenic... very retro looking, with a lot of curves. soon after admiring the pool, we were off to melrose for a thrift shopping spree.

we hit up SLOW which USED TO BE one of my favorite thrift stores. i hadn't been there since may 2005, and A LOT has changed. first off, the store now over-employs a bunch of teenage hipsters. secondly, most of the clothes were NEW. and thirdly, they did away with alllll the kewl tee shirts that used to be on the second floor. :( the prices are still reasonable, but i still am highly disappointed. we ate some soup and shopped at wasteland, crossroads trading co. and a few other places. i would up buying rick a hooded sweatshirt/zip-up and a REALLY nice quiksilver zip-up that is more like jacket. it was only $25 and it looks brand new. i bought myself three shirts that i'm sure you'll see photos of in the near future. rebecca wound up buying a few shirts too and a pair of marc jacobs pants. and no shopping excursion is complete without a dressing room photoshoot!!

sunday: rick went to church with his sister and his neice and then went over his parent's house. he always lets me sleep in, which is nice, but then i feel bad about not going to his parent's house with him. i played boggle online with my mother. some of the people on the boggle site are waaaay too damn good at the game!! (try your luck here). i also did dishes, went for a walk, caught up with justin and talked to margot's mom. sunday night, i watched Dark Victory, a pretty gloomy bette davis movie. i also uploaded some new photos to my flickr so be sure to check em out!!!!

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