Wednesday, April 11, 2007

workin with CJ.

tuesday and wednesday i worked as 2nd assistant to CJ. the first day i was mainly a gofer, which i didn't take to too well. in fact, i called dave, complained and told him i decided i want to work for him for the rest of my life (which i would gladly do). i ran to CJ's hotel, and to the paint store, and then the 1st assistant/studio manager asked me to run to supermarket to buy more soda (and trust me, we didn't need any more soda). OOOO, guess where the 1st assistant got her photography degree... BROOKS!!!! my favorite place on earth, hahaha. poor Brooks' alum/students. this girl is pretty well established and works for 6 photographers but it seems she has lost her shot at becoming a photographer. she feels like she doesn't have a style... and that's after three years at Brooks!!

ANYWAY... on tuesday i did dishes, varnished a veneer panel and painted a large square of linoleum "weathered brown." it was exciting to be involved in the making of the set (for about two minutes) until the fumes started to get to me. on wednesday i served as the model fill-in and packed up a very large desk. each afternoon lunch was catered by local places like Tender Greens and Bamboo!!

the shoots were pretty fun. there was an earth, wind, fire and water theme which involved a lot of hair and makeup. it was interesting to see how CJ works and what a different style he has compared to the other photographers i've worked with. CJ is really precise. he starts with sketch and follows that sketch to the very last detail. instead of shooting a bunch of various shots, CJ has ONE shot in mind and he achieves it. personally, that method would scare the crap out of me because i like options, but if you have a high-end client (in this case, Geiger Furniture) and you sent them a sketch for an ad they are paying big bucks for, i can see why you would want to be precise.

overall, CJ was really professional and personable and i would like to work with him again. he said he'll contact me the next time he has another shoot on the west coast. :)

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