Tuesday, April 10, 2007

monday at venice beach

on monday i drove to culver city (got lost on the way, of course) and met with photographer CJ Burton to find out what i'd be doing for the shoot on tues and wed. the meeting lasted all of 5 min. luckily i brought my polaroid camera to take some photos in venice, otherwise the trip would have been a TOTAL waste of gas. my goal was to find the infamous starry night mural in venice beach.

i stopped in aardvark's (a thrift store) and was highly disappointed... the clothes were more costume-y than wearable. from there, i ventured down to venice beach, which reminded me of the bad sections of the seaside boardwalk (down the jersey shore) circa 1990s but with more bums. and instead of wafts of garbage, there are wafts of urine... so maybe venice isn't like seaside at all. needless to say, i wasn't too impressed but i still wanted to take some photos.

i parked on a little main street and was paranoid about getting ANOTHER parking ticket, so i made it back to my car with PLENTY of time to spare. i called hal to see if he wanted to meet up. he had a meeting with someone but asked if i could kill an hour so i drove around the block a few times and found what i believe is the ONLY FREE parking in the area. i couldn't believe it... free parking in california?!!! that's unheard of.

i walked down the nearest street to get to the ocean walk and took a photo of a cute little mural i found along the way. i walked to the graffiti wall on the beach, wandered around snapping polaroids, and peeked down every side street hoping to find the starry night mural. i found this guy who sits with his dog (who wears sunglasses) that i remember seeing on mike's (wakejunkie) flickr. later i saw a bunch of little asian girls get yelled at by the tattoo parlor guys for getting too close to the dog while the man was sleeping.

i walked pretty far down the ocean walk before turning around and heading back to the street that would eventually lead me to my car and *TAH DAH!!* found the starry night mural. i don't know how i managed to walk right past it, but it was on the first street i walked down to get to ocean walk. in fact, it was DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM the other mural i took a photo of!! haha.

naturally, by this time, there was an BIG, ugly yellow utility truck blocking half of the mural. i, being the sometimes nervey photographer that i am, walked up to the men sitting in the truck and said,

"excuse me, are you guys planning on staying here all day??"
"why do you want to take a picture??" the passenger asked, looking at my cameras.
"well then i guess we can back up, but just for you."
so the guys had to sit there, watching me take my polaroids and then moved back to their spot after i was finished, haha. i was trying to hurry, so the first polaroid i took is more faded because i just held it while i was taking the second photo and i was standing in direct sunlight. :( as i was leaving one of the guys asked if he could take a photo of me and held out his camera phone. i laughed, trying not to drop my camera as i juggled the polaroids, my other camera and my bag.

my plans to meet up with hal had to be postponed (the lady he was supposed to meet up with was late) so i headed back to the apartment.

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