Sunday, April 29, 2007

brazillian girls (the band), photo play days and HOT weather.

wednesday: went to the library and checked out some dvds and requested a bunch of photography books. the other day i checked out this cd soley because its album cover was THIS ridiculous:

Brazillian Girls turned out to be a really good cd. quite a variety of styles. some songs are sang in english, some french, some portuguese. lots of mindlessly good beats. i dig it.

rick met up with some guys in a band who he might join. i tagged along/dropped him off so i could go take some polaroids of interesting things i saw in the area the week before. :) fortunately for me, EVERYTHING (even cars!!) were in the exact same spots i saw them in the week before. it was such a successful polaroid outing!! i found EVERYTHING i wanted to take a photo of, even without directions and i've only been in the area once before. so i took a bunch of good polaroid shots that i will post on flickr soon.

thursday: i can't remember what i did but tim and aldrin stopped by (as they do every thursday night before their car meet) and we had them finish off the delicious cupcakes lindsay sent me. aldrin wants me to cut his hair again... and this time he has a style in mind.

friday: it was beautifully hot outside. i went over dave's house for a strobe lesson. his digital retoucher diana was there as well. i "modeled," diana and i learned a lot and we messed around with macros. diana brought over some kewl-looking mini tomatoes to shoot and dave shot the prosthetic eyes rick gave him, hehe. it was a fun day!! it was really nice of dave to let us experiment and to show us how to everything works. he gave us lemons (from his tree) that are seriously the sizes of LARGE oranges and i swung on his scary swing that hangs over the steep canyon hill in his backyard. dave has a big stock shoot coming up and i'm hoping i will be back in time to assist. i'm going home next month to visit family and friends for 18 days!! i'm pretty excited about that.

saturday: it really hot outside again. rick had to work :( so we missed his neice's 5th birthday party at chuckie cheese. i walked to the post office, did dishes, took polaroids and played scrabble online with my mom (she won, this time). i also created some funky self-portraits. i really love this one. rick's friend cheryl invited us over for dinner (her fiance is italian and loves to cook) but we declined because rick was pretty exhausted. so we stayed in and watched Babel. pretty good movie, we were engrossed in all the different stories taking place, but like someone said on, it doesn't add up to much. there's four plots, but only two ever really "resolve" (and i use the term VERY loosely). you never learn what happened to the other people or what gael garcia bernal's character's motive was when fleeing the border patrol. (was he driving drunk or did he have drugs in the car?!) bernal has become the default mexican actor. he is seriously in EVERY movie!! but he's good, i enjoy his movies (except for The Crime of Father Whatever).

throughout the movie, i was left wondering if brad pitt and cate blanchett's characters were really just traveling in Morocco for leisure. pitt's character seemed shady about it, so at first i assumed they were there on some sort of "business." guess not. all of guillermo arriaga's films are told backward or in a circle, not chronologically, which is interesting. and while Babel was WAY better than 21 Grams, i still think arriaga's best film has been Amores Perros, which is such a well-shot film with a well-written script. in most scenes, the shot length is less than 15 seconds long... that's rapid fire!! you'll get sucked into the multiple stories all happening at once. go rent/netflix/borrow it tomorrow (if not sooner, hehe)!!!!

sunday: perhaps a photo play day with hal. and wednesday i'm assisting a shoot hal is photographing :)

what i'm reading: Shopgirl, the novella by steve martin. i love reading all the parts that were left out or modified for the movie.
what i'm eating: if we had milk, i'd be eating cereal but instead i'm eating stale apple cinnamon ricecakes because they're the ONLY (semi)crunchy things in the apartment!! we're going food shopping tomorrow morning :)
what i'm listening to: The Slip - "Even Rats."

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