Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i got paid to take photos of maggie gyllenhaal's shoes

"Linear thinking does not come naturally to me, moreover it kills my imagination. nothing happens. no bells rings. no moment of HERE and NOW. no moment that says YES. Without those moments i am not alive. and so, rather than driving at a goal, i like so much better to go thru' a spiral." ~courtney love

the quote above is an excerpt from Dirty Blonde, one of the many half-read books i have been hoarding from the library that i had to return today. i have a bad habit of checking out waaay too many books at the same time and then never getting around to finish any book completely. this habit really bugs rick... especially if i rack up late fines on books that i checked out with his card. but that only happened once and it was $3 (big deal) and i paid it.

i don't recall anything extraordinarily eventful occurring on monday... but who's to say my actions on that day have not set the wheel in motion to a plethora of future significant events. ha, you never knows. anyway, today i worked for dana (a nice lady who runs an ebay store that sells used designer clothes... most which were previously owned by celebrities). my job was to write descriptions and take photos of the items. it was more or less a trial run to see if i'd work out and if she'd like me.

i photographed a bunch of crap from maggie gyllenhaal like prada, mui mui and louie vutton heels, some blouses and a few jackets. nothing too wonderful but there was a retro-looking pair of LAVENDAR (i refuse to spell lavendar "correctly") synthetic lizard-skin prada heels that i dug!! they were pretty kewl, but they were a size 9 and i doubt they were comfortable. miss gyllenhaal appeared to be the biggest name there. i didn't recognize a lot of the other names i saw. the work went well so once dana returns from her mini-vacation i will be working for her again. and once i get the hang of how she wants things labeled and shot, then she will just give me a key to her office so i can come and go as i please. (yay for making my own hours!! i really needed that).

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