Friday, March 23, 2007

work is good.

thursday was a lot of work. dave's wife mary and i prepared and organized a storage room for inventory. the room was PACKED with women's clothing. the clothing company is based in London so they ordered a ton of wool and corduroy. needless to say, Los Angeles is not the ideal market for wool or any other heavy material. dave's wife was really kewl and she was wearing an awesome shirt that she made. it was a black long-sleeved shirt with this beautiful silk swan she stitched on the back that was originally part of a vintage kimono. although the work was tedious and tiring, it was rewarding to SEE the result of our hard work. we moved A LOT of stuff.

friday i worked for john again, assisting a shoot for his friend's clothing line. the day started off pretty hilariously. we were halfway to pick up his friend who was also assisting the shoot when john realized he forgot the seamless (big roll of paper for the background) so we had to turn around to get it. we were a bit more than halfway to pick up his friend the second time when john realized he forgot his laptop which we decided wasn't really a big deal. thirty seconds later, john realized we HAD to go back to his house because he forgot his camera. haha. it was a rough start. to top it off, a model tripped over a tripod and broke john's camera and lens the day before so john had to rent a camera for the shoot. but O'Quinn was an easy job. there were four, young semi-professional surfer guys modeling the clothing, mostly tee shirts. they weren't the most polished models... but at least they were all really chill and cooperative.

i might be doing some photoshop/retouching work for john this monday which i'm pretty excited about. on tuesday i'm assisting dave for a small shoot for a magazine. and the ebay lady is getting back to town on tuesday so hopefully she'll arrange some times i can go in and work again. i'm really satisfied with having a bunch of different jobs because the work is always new and fresh. i get bored easily and hate even the slightest bit of monotony. i would go going nuts if i was sitting in an office doing data entry. schedules don't agree with me, but appointments do. nearly every day i am thankful i never got that job i applied for in the leasing office. office politics and getting all dressied up to go to work just doesn't appeal to me. i want to be DOING something, CREATING something, BEING A PART OF A CREATIVE PROJECT whether it belongs to someone else or myself. that's where my passion lies.

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