Monday, March 19, 2007

the weekend.

saturday: (st. patrick's day) rick and i went to his parent's house and did some laundry. rick washed my car :) and i rode on tim's kick-ass longboard skateboard (i soooo want one!!) rick's dad made us delicious BBQ chicken and tritip and ribs. tim and aldo and jen stopped by and we all bought chocolate bars from rick's neice isabel for a school fundraiser. it was funny because we originally bought the chocolates from rick's mom (who had previously bought a whole bunch) so when isabel showed up, rick's mom gave us our money back so we could "re-buy" them from isabel, hehehe.

adorable photo my mom took of roxie:

sunday: aldo came over and i finished his haircut. rick evened up the sides and back with some clippers and we all went to the mall. i redeemed a coupon for a free pair o' underwear at victoria's secret (i never pronounce the 's in victoria's...) and i got some hemp hand cream at the body shop. i also bought a really cute wallet at pacsun for $3!! (it was 70% off). it's gwen stefani's harajuku brand. and although i'm not "just an orange county girl," the orange is highly adorable.

we watched Little Miss Sunshine, which is semi-predictable and way overrated. i can't believe it was nominated for "best picture." i hate when pseudo-indie B movies get over hyped solely because the movie SEEMS unique to the average viewer. perhaps i am too harsh because i expected a lot more from the movie, but instead it turns out to be a tragic national lampoons road trip.

how to identify a pseudo-indie B movie:
*characters are extremely stereotypical (or purposefully anti-stereotypical) and their characteristics are extreme. example: moody teenager who won't speak, father who is more preoccupied with work and business than his own family, grandfather who curses and snorts heroin.
*what could go wrong, goes wrong before the characters' goal is attained. example: car trouble, emotional setbacks, business setbacks, death of most amusing character, they just miss the deadline.
*characters appear to be stuck in a time warp although the rest of society is in the present time. example: clothing styles, dance moves, lingo, vehicle.
*at least one main character is played by someone well-known who is in role that appears drastically different from his/her previous roles.
*at least one main character is played by an actor/actress who is an unknown and after the movie is release he/she is over hyped.
*there is no happy ending. there is not even an unhappy ending. the ending leaves you in the same mental state you were in when the movie started which makes you feel as though you just spent two hours walking in a circle...

proof that just because it's labeled "not mainstream," doesn't mean it's GOOD. beware, the following movies are NOT "indie" movies, they are merely B-rated movies (at best) in disguise:
"Little Miss Sunshine," "Napoleon Dynamite," "Party Monster," "Punch-Drunk Love," "Swimming Pool," "The Last Kiss," "The Virgin Suicides," "11:14," "13 Moons." (there's plenty more... but those are what currently come to mind).

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