Sunday, March 4, 2007

strange find

"First of all, I must say it feels a bit weird to be sending pics of my poo to complete strangers...but all in the name of good sportsmanship! It felt even stranger to TAKE pics of my poo..." ~testimonial on

i was checking my gmail today and needed to open a new window so i clicked on whatever advertisement link was above my inbox. well, it turned out to be a link for this disgusting website. i've never seen anything like it. i don't know about you, but i wouldn't want a photo of myself and what came out of my colon on the internet. the even WEIRDER part is how some people went about taking the photos. it looks like most people used chopsticks to uh... dangle their crap in the air. one lady's photo looks like she might be holding her strand. other people used a coat hanger, tongs and a stick. one person even put their "results" in A COLANDER!!!! ewwwwwww!!!! so if curiousity hasn't gotten you to already, you have to check it out.

"Your product is truly amazing. I don't care if you use the pics on your site, but could you change my name or something. I don't want my pooh to make me famous...ha-ha. Thanks guys." ~another testimonial

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Missy said...

HOLY CRAP!!! LITERALLY!!! dude, that is so nasty LOL! i coudlnt even scroll down the whole page and im not sure i wanna look at the second link u have. ok i will in a min, just gotta get my stomach ready lol. ppl were using kitchen utensils(sp?)!! weird. i mean, i heard that looking at ur poo can tell alot but...i guess my health just isnt that important to me lol.