Sunday, March 11, 2007

the rest of my mother's visit...

thursday: went to malibu. my mom saw martin sheen (with his grandchildren) in that little plaza with ralph's. (i missed him because i was driving). we bought some snacks/lunch and ate them at the beach. it was pretty cold near the water so after lounging there for a little while, we headed back to the apartment and sunbathed near the pool until the sun set. but first we stopped at jamba juice!! after the pool, we went to a paint-your-own-ceramics place and we painted mugs for each other. it usually takes about 3-4 days to get them back (you glaze them then they fire them) but we had ours expediated so my mom could take hers home with her. they came out pretty awesome!! i made my mom a coffee mug with little designs all over it and my mom made me a large mug with a gnome on it (she even painted roxie next to the gnome!!) they both came out reeeally cute.

friday: my mom and i drove to carson to pick up my car. that took a few hours due to traffic and poor directions. my mom and i told rick we got tattoos and he believed us until i told him mine was a gnome. we finally got new cell phones (that we hate) and picked up our mugs. we stopped at albertson's and bought some more food, then we made cornflake chicken!! (rick couldn't eat it though, because was a friday during Lent). tim stopped by to pick up the communal ipod. my mother and rick passed out in the living room EARLY... like 10 pm. i tried my hardest to keep them awake by suggesting we go for a walk and by reading trivial pursuit questions aloud, but my attempts were futile. even roxie fell asleep on me... so i went online, hehe.

saturday: my mom, rick and i took a tour of the adamson house in malibu. the house was built in 1930 and the interiors and exteriors are adorned in beautiful malibu tiles. unfortunately you aren't allowed to take photos inside the house (i snuck one) but there are plenty of opportunities to take photos from the balcony of the home. after the tour, we ate thai food... Mmm!! we drove to michael landon's former home, but rick wouldn't drive up the driveway!! :( ugh. after stalking dead celebrities, we went over rick's parent's house. poor little roxie stayed home, locked in her crate until we got back around 10-10:30!!


sunday: my mom and i played scrabble until roxie trampled all over the board. temperatures reached 94 degrees!! my mom and roxie went home :( rick and i went for a walk (around sunset... the weather was beautiful then). we stopped at a playground and hurt our hands on the monkey bars (we'll probably have blisters tomorrow). then we watched sybil while we ate dinner. i never saw the movie, but always hear of it. i really like sally field. she's good.

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