Friday, March 2, 2007


9:25 pm: my grandmother calls (that's 12:25 am her time) all excited about her new discovery:

"how come nobody told me i could play music cds on my computer?!!!!" she wants to know.
i didn't even think to explain the CD-ROM feature because i figured she wasn't going to be using it that often. my cousin gave her a laptop over the summer and i taught her how to email, google and check my flickr -- y'know, all the important stuff. ;) since then, my grandmother has become pretty good at using the computer. (i'm so proud!!) she'll send me funny e-mails and comment on everything i post online. (i'm sure she'll have something to say about THIS post!!!! hehehe). i also got her hooked on text twist, a word game she refers to as "twix" for short. "well it's easier than saying "text twist," she'll say.

but anyway, back to my story...
"i never knew that all this time we could have played this cd in the player and it would come up on the tv with all these colors!! it must be a video too," she says.
"huh????" I ask.
"i put this soothing sounds cd in the computer and the music played and there were all these beautiful colors and designs and it played along to the music. one was called 'battery' and it looks like..."
YUP, that's when i realize what she is talking about: the default shapes that form on windows media player. hahaha.

she gets mad when i start laughing, but i assure her it is only because i thought it was cute. i love my grandmother!! xoxo

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Missy said...

awwwwwww! hehehe, that is sooo cute! and if your grandma happens to read this i just want to say that my parents dont even know how to log onto the computer hehehe :p