Thursday, March 22, 2007

opportunities and gratefulness.

today dave called, offering me a two-day job helping his wife. dave's really been looking out for me and i really appreciate all of his help. he figures if he keeps me busy, then i won't go get a full-time job which means i can assist for him whenever needed. that sounds pretty ideal to me. so tomorrow i am working 9-4 for his wife mary, doing inventory at a warehouse for a clothing line she manages. should be tedious, but i'm sure i'll manage to have some fun. i will only be able to help out tomorrow because...

on friday i will be assisting john hildebrand again (this time for cash) in huntington beach where john will be photographing his friend's new clothing line called O'Quinn. expect more updates later... now i must run off to dream because i will be getting up EARLY tomorrow.

in the meantime, watch me morph into a chimp.

and an ending thought/story/rhetorical question:
my cousin broke his ankle and his foot fourwheeling on sunday and finally told someone about it today. his parents are visiting his grandmother in florida and he "didn't want to bother anyone" so he's been driving around using his left foot!! what is it with guys and their stong adversion to medical help?!!!

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